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Transformers TCG Resources

Maintained by: @alandwarinasia

There was a WEBSITE here. It’s gone now.

If you’ve come to this web page, you’re probably searching for resources related to Hasbro’s Transformers TCG. Below is a list of web-based resources for your perusal. I will turn this into a Github page or something at some point to let the community make pull/change requests and keep it up to date. For now, enjoy this selection I’ve personally curated and DM me on Twitter if you have any suggestions. ~Myriad

Official Resources:

Brand Facebook Account -

Brand Twitter Account -

Hashtag - #TFTCG

Official Mobile Deckbuilder Companion App - iOS / Android

Buying Product:

Hasbro Pulse Online Retail Store -

Team Covenant Game ‘Subscriptions’ -

Rules / Learn-To-Play:

Official ‘Basic Rules & FAQs’ Document

Official 2019 Expanded Rulebook

Hasbro Tutorial Video Series -

Team Covenant Gameplay Tutorial -

Organized Play:

2019 Tournament Rule Book (PDF)

Unofficial Tools / Utilities:

FortressMaximus.IO - Deck builder & card database.


BoardGameGeek -

Reddit -

Community Discord Servers: