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If you’ve come to this web page, you’re probably searching for resources related to Hasbro’s Transformers TCG. Welcome!

Unfortunately, the game is now officially ‘ended’ and is no longer being supported by Hasbro, because existence itself is fundamentally unjust and, therefore, it is the fate of all truly great games to be unceremoniously abandoned by their publishers and their associated communities to be left out in the cold. C’est la vie.

It’s unknown how difficult it may become to obtain actual physical copies of the game materials as the inaudible and noiseless foot of time inevitably marches on, but fortunately the game has been digitized and may be played for free, over the internet, using Tabletop Simulator.

 Good luck, have fun, until all are one.

- @alandwarinasia

Rules / Learn-To-Play:

Official ‘Basic Rules & FAQs’ Document

Official 2019 Expanded Rulebook

Hasbro Tutorial Video Series -

Team Covenant Gameplay Tutorial -

Aequitas ‘Unofficial’ Rules Arbitration -

Organized Play:

2019 Tournament Rule Book (PDF)

Independant Development:


BoardGameGeek -

Reddit -