How long have you worked here?: I have worked off and on at Burnt Bridge Cellars for about 5 years now. Reading that line makes me feel old.

First love of wine: I actually fell love in wine the first time I tried it around 23, which seems kind of odd, but it’s true. I was on a really bad date at Roots and my only solace was the glass of wine I ordered to help cope.

Favorite current wine at Burnt bridge: I really like the 2016 Grenache. I’ve always liked how approachable our Grenaches are, and have been.

Favorite wine of all time from Burnt Bridge: 2013 Cab Franc. Wish they would bring our single varietal Cab Franc back (wink wink).

Favorite wine varietal: Cab/Merlot

Favorite part of working at BB: Definitely the people. Some of the nicest people in this town come to Burnt Bridge, and part of the reason I’ve enjoyed this job for so long is because of our wonderful clientele. All around good folks.

Favorite event we put on: Blind Tasting. I think it’s fun to put your palette to the test! Even if you don’t do well it’s all in good fun and it forces you to think about what you’re smelling and tasting, in place of simply enjoying (which is good too).

Favorite Food: I am half-Korean so I feel like I’m obligated to say kimchi. Even if I wasn’t Korean, it would be kimchi. If by chance you’ve never tried kimchi, then you should go and improve your QOL by getting some kimchi. There’s tons of Asian markets in Portland/Beaverton.

Fun fact/something we don't know about you: I’ve been to the White House! It was for the volunteering and research that I did in my Undergrad at WSU.