Chapter 4: Heart of the Bridge

        In the silence of the calm, cool evening, Neoum was preparing to do his inspection on the Galactic Bridge’s major Tachyium core. Being at central core number four-eight-nine sub category G-five-nine, it’s important that each of the core tachyium centers are regulated once a year. Each of the cores’ has about ten Tachyium hearts that power that sector of the Galactic Bridge. Thus, Neoum was on his way with the last moments at his center being used to message the Elders of the task he was on.                

        Neoum has been on the Bridge for about a couple of weeks, doing errands for the Order as there was a need for superior advisement of  the bridge. He was going into the  major city districts for the first time since he arrived. With all the work he’s been doing, he hasn’t been able to communicate with the Elders directly the entire time he’s been there. He hopes that they will understand that the task might take some time for the fact he need to investigate the recent black market activities that have been reported.

        Neoum didn’t really understand the point of such business to occur on the bridge, in which he thought if any activity of the sort would be reported, it would come from planetside operations. Then the fact of getting it off the galactic bridge would be next to impossible with all the security being Tachyeans supervised. Then the sensor would easily detect the substances that would be smuggled out within a kilometer of the exiting port, being the size of a military base, thus why would there be any form of activity like such? It all made sense though, once he got there.

         As Neoum had never been to a galactic bridge before this point, it never occurred to him as to the mere size of the place. By the small mentions of it being around the size of a solar system didn’t truly sink in until he first arrived into the immenseness that was the galactic bridge. Whole civilizations co-existed within this mighty structure, along with many official establishments under the Order, countless market areas for all in the known universe to explore, and of course the many established social areas for each of the travelers or residents of the bridge could enjoy each others company as well as understand each of their belief systems.

The place was unbelievable as he continued his first day just admiring the well constructed masterpiece. He remembered how this trip though was focused on the fact that he needed to prevent black market dealing from becoming to large of an issue. As most of the Lords of Tachyon before him, they were able to get on neutral terms with the leaders of these powerful groups that managed the illegal trade. What most confused him still is how they were able to continue the process when Lords of Tachyon were at the scene of the crime. He did understand that the mere size was immense to all comprehension, but to be with them first hand on some of these transactions without busting the crime lords seemed so false in his mind. Why would they allow this to happen, aren’t we trying to prevent such corruption when is seems that we’re just in on the act. I think this will be the time I’ll prove to the people that as their Lord of Tachyon, I will not fail to stop this sinister act from continuing in the grand Order of Tachyon.

Neoum continued onto the path toward the core when he noticed some violent activity nearby. A smaller Grafjer child was surrounded by mask thugs with grade five tachyium batons. He flew over in between the masked ones and the child. {What’s going on here, it seems that you are creating some form of con…} The thug swinged the baton at Neoum’s head, only to miss with the baton snapped in half. The situation seemed to be getting nowhere rather fast as the two ended up with their weapons destroyed and knocked to the ground within the time of a couple of seconds. {Get up and reveal yourselves, I want you to head over to the authorities before I will have to make you into a couple of knots.} Then the child attacked Neoum as he was reprimanding the thugs, which caused him to fall to the ground.

When he tried to get up, he realized that he was wrapped and toxic radiation by the gear from a nearby vehicle. The thugs went to the child, and they took off their mask to reveal that they were other Grafjer’s, likely to be related to the two that were playing out the scene. He realized that he wouldn’t be able to regulate the core after all, which was rather upsetting for he wanted to explore the city so that he could find the trouble, but instead the trouble was looking for him. “Oh by the way, your lordship, we were soooo impressed as to how fast you were able to get us to the ground.” “Yeah my lord, we thought that you weren’t going to give us time to actually go through with the plan with that kind of speed. Luckily for us, you wanted to teach us some form of lesson when they do something wrong.” As the two older Grafjer’s continued to chat about the cleverness of their plan, the child just just continued to stare down Neoum. Neoum then was knocked out be the child to only awaken in the darkness of an abandoned room.