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Voyager Values is a school wide positive behavior approach for MaST II students and staff. Voyager Values will help to build a sense of school pride, and continuity among staff, students, and our community. We pride ourselves in fostering a safe, and nurturing environment for all students of diverse backgrounds. Voyager values will help to promote positive behaviors and amend negative behaviors to ensure that our students feel safe and secure, and are learning to be productive members of society. We will also be highlighting our “Anchors of the Month” for students exhibiting excellent performance in their classrooms, as well as “Teacher Spotlights” focusing in on our wonderful teachers and all that they do.


  1. Students will learn how to work together as a class to achieve a common goal by understanding and demonstrating the seven anchors defined in Voyager Values.
  2. Teachers will utilize Voyager Values to promote a positive, and productive learning environment by encouraging students to follow school guidelines.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Voyager Values will be a collaborative effort of key stakeholders including staff members, ESP team members, and administration. Anchors will be given on a daily basis by key personnel in the building. Kate McCauley and Whitney El Laisy will be facilitating and overseeing the majority of the activities, and balances of anchors. We will also bringing 1-2 more people on board this year to help facilitate. The school bulletin board will house key items such as the anchor descriptions, menu of activities, and anchor of the month.

New Components:

A                N                C                H                O                R

           Achievement        Neighborly        Cooperation        Honesty         Ownership          Respect        





When students are caught “being good” & demonstrating our A-N-C-H-O-R values:

-In the hallway

-Lining Up





-In the Classroom



When everyone in your class is in uniform. Put a “U” on display outside your classroom. Continue until all letters spell U-N-I-F-O-R-M have been spelled. When this happens your class will receive 7 anchors. When this happens, teachers will put a note in Mrs McCauley or Mrs El Laisy’s mailbox and they will receive the anchors for their classroom.

When everyone in your class present place an “A” on display in your class or hall. The next time continue adding to the word until you spell A-T-T-E-N-D-A-N-C-E. When this happens, teachers will place a note in Ms McCauley’s or Mrs El Laisy’s mailbox and you will receive 10 anchors as a class.

Anchors Defined

Achievement- Students will strive to be excellent in their academics and always try their best in any classroom they’re in. Students will work hard to maintain the MaST values in order to gain success.

Neighborly- Students will help one another and treat others the way that they would like to be treated. Students will respect the staff, teachers, other students, and the school. Students will be kind, helpful, and friendly to one another.

Cooperation- Students will work together for a common goal. Students will support one another and encourage each other to do their best in all areas of their day. Students will work together with people in their home life, community, and school. Students will help bring out the BEST in all by working together.

Honesty- Students should practice truthfulness in what they do or say. Students should never steal, cheat, mislead, or intentionally deceive others. Students will practice admitting their faults and accepting the consequences.

Ownership- Students will show accountability for their actions in the classroom, hallways, bus, and MPR. Students will show persistence in reaching their goals, they will show commitment to learning, and a drive to do their best. Students will be engaged in their academics.

Respect-Students will show a high regard for people, property, and community. Students will consider the rights of others before themselves. Students will show politeness, cooperation, and tolerance.

Fundraising/ Financing Options:

  1. Spirit day once a month sponsored by team, $1.00 to participate.
  2. This will begin on September 27, 2017 and will occur the last Wednesday of every month.

Voyager Values Spirit Day Menu:

K-4 Anchor Menu of Rewards for Students

K-4 SAIL Anchor Menu Modified

Privileges for Anchors of the Month

-Errands for the teacher

-Choice of seat in the classroom

-First in line at lunch

-Free Dress down on Fridays for the month

-Free gym/Wii time in the MPR once a month

(Date chosen by admin)

-Certificate and souvenir button

*Must be wearing button to get privileges