In the holidays  on the the first weekend I went to Rainbows end I was so scary.

Do you know that ride that makes you go upside down? I do because I went on it well

 The name of It is Stratosphere that ride Is super scary but it ain’t as scary

]he fear fall because that is scary because It feels like your guts are In you throat. But I never went on that one cause It would of been really scary.So when I was On the Stratosphere I went around around upside down I was so scared that I was screaming just like the people next to

Me.I almost cried to.but when I went off I said “ I’m going to tell my friends at school” after that we went  back to  the place we were at and then we were off to our next trip.

Then the next friday I went to Adventure Forest and when I got there I was like I ain’t going

On those then they said” yes you are” but as soon as I found out you had  to wear one of those strap things I was so glad  cause that thing hold you from falling we had to wear one of those because  if you didn’t you would fall from the trees because All of the adventures you went on were high so that’s why you had to wear one but I only got up to discovery.your probably thinking what is discovery? well it is a course you do but the highest is acrobat cause that is the most hardest one you had to do But I never went on it. So when I was on the discovery I went

On all of the the things but the most coolest one was the flying fox. But after the flying

Fox we had to go.