Moorefield Station Elementary School

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Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

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Karen Roche- Principal

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Instructional Overview

Provide descriptive information related to the curriculum, instructional programs, and/or existing interventions to support the academic, behavioral, and/or social emotional needs for all students.

At Moorefield Station, we have built a rich instructional network of support that provides teachers and staff the opportunity and structures necessary to create and deliver an instructional program that focuses on excellence, authentic learning, and meeting the needs of all students.  

School Leadership Team
Our school leadership team consists of at least one teacher from each grade level, administration, and specialists.  The team looks at the school from a systems perspective and ensures alignment in subject areas, grade levels, and learning environment. Moorefield Station students engage in differentiated instruction, in which all students receive instruction at their current instructional level, whether they be on grade level, above, or below.

Reading, Writing, and Math Vertical Committees
These subject area committees are doing the work of further aligning grade level expectations and common language so that all Moorefield Station’s students receive consistent and high quality instruction in these subject areas.  

Project Based Learning (PBL)
Moorefield Station has teachers fully trained in Project Based Learning.  We believe that empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world requires that they engage in authentic learning. The PBL Committee has delivered a needs assessment and designs and delivers differentiated professional development aimed at deepening teachers understanding and implementation of PBL so that students engage in deeper learning centered around solving authentic problems.  

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
PBIS is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students to achieve social, emotional and academic success. Moorefield Station has a school-wide implementation of positive behavior supports, showing “shark behavior” such as smart choices, helpful, achieving, being responsible and kind in all areas of the school.

Multi-Tiered System of Support
Moorefield Station is creating and implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support to further refine the interventions and supports that Moorefield Station students receive with behavior and reading. It is our goal that students receive interventions and supports based on their personalized needs consistently throughout all classrooms and grade levels.

Social/Emotional Needs
Moorefield Station believes that we must educate the whole child in order for meaningful learning to occur. Social thinking curriculum, support “lunch bunch” groups that focus on social/emotional needs, as well as, tier 2 PBIS supports all work together to support the needs of the whole child.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Provide information to describe extended learning opportunities for students, staff, families and community.

Lifelong learning and a growth mindset are part of the culture here at Moorefield Station. Our students, staff, and families have many opportunities for personal and professional growth.


  • STEM Night - Families are invited to school to participate in a hands-on, authentic STEM learning experience with their child
  • Cultural/Heritage Night - Families are invited to school to participate in a hands-on experience relating to many cultures.
  • Shark Bait - Moorefield Station strengthens the home/school connection with a monthly Shark Bait newsletter that keeps families informed of school happenings.


  • PBL - Differentiated professional development aimed at refining our implementation of Project Based Learning practices are offered several times throughout the school year
  • Pathways and Specialized Reading - Moorefield Station teachers are fully prepared to create a literacy-rich environment in our classrooms and to deliver targeted, differentiated reading instruction.
  • Computer Immersion - Moorefield Station is one of three computer immersion schools in Loudoun County. Teachers are teaching code to students as well as integrating code into the curriculum on a daily basis.  


  • After School Enrichment Program - Students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment classes after school.  
  • Fastbridge RTI and Progress Monitoring - Learning is monitored closely for students who are performing significantly below grade level through the use of specialized instruction and progress monitoring tools.  

Areas of Strength

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of strength. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

Areas of strength for Moorefield Station lie in the Teaching for Learning domains of reading and math; and a commitment to professional learning.

Moorefield Station has built a strong Professional Learning Community (PLC) that provides the essential support that teachers need to effectively guide student instruction and ensure alignment between the written, taught, and assessed curriculum.  At weekly Collaborative Learning Team (CLT) Meetings, teachers discuss instruction, analyze data, use data to guide instruction, and collaborate to develop and implement and intervention framework to support all students.

Through our PLC structures, teachers are able to fully utilize data (such as MAP, DRA, or classroom assessments) to gain a deep understanding of where each student is in their learning, implement a tiered system of support, and what the next steps are in their personal education journey. The positive effect of the PLC model is evidenced through high SOL scores and academic growth rate.

Moorefield Station has built a culture of shared leadership and lifelong learning throughout the school, as evidenced by the structures outlined in the above instructional overview and extended learning opportunities.

Areas for Growth

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of concern. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

Moorefield Station has several areas that could be viewed as opportunities for continued growth for our school community and students. We continue to work on chronic absenteeism with our asian and hispanic families. In reading, our EL and students with disabilities student did not meet their target. Although, students with disabilities did improve by 10% from the previous year. In math, our EL students and our hispanic students, and students with disabilities did not meet the current or three year target. Moorefield Station continues to work on our disproportionality in the area of discipline with our African American students, as well as, our students with disabilities.