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Course Description

Welcome to US I! Together we are going to discover, analyze and explore the historical events starting with the era of Reconstruction of the United States after the Civil War through the second World War. The significant events, people and ideas of this period of history has shaped the country that we live in today.

The intent of this United States history course is to provide students the opportunity  to gain the knowledge and develop the skills that they will need to become civic minded adults and gain an appreciation for the history of the  country that they live in.

Course Expectations and Assessments

        Primary Assessments: Students will be given a primary assessment after each chapter of study throughout the school year as well as a benchmark assessment at the end of each marking period. Primary Assessments range from traditional tests, projects, debates etc.

Secondary Assessments: Students will be given secondary assessments throughout each unit to gage the students grasp on certain information or specific skill to help them review and prepare for primary assessments. Secondary assessments cannot be retaken.

Projects: Projects will be assigned throughout the school year. Each marking period will contain at least one project that could count for either a primary or secondary grade.Students will complete a majority of projects in class but may be required to complete some aspects of a project at home. Projects may be completed individually or with a group.

  1. Marking Period 1: Reconstruction DBQ, Syrian Migration Project, The Men Who Built America Essay, Benchmark Assessment
  2. Marking Period 2: Progressivism Playlist Project, Imperialism Unit Assessment, Benchmark Assessment
  3. Marking Period 3: Immigration Unit Test, World War 1 DBQ, 1920’s Portfolio, Benchmark Assessment
  4. Marking Period 4: Great Depression/ New Deal DBQ, World War 2 Choice Project, Benchmark Assessment

*Assessments are subject to change due to student interest, ability, time etc.

Course Policies 

        Retake Policy: The retake policy of US 1 is as follows:

  1. All homework and classwork needs to be complete on the initial day of the assessment.
  2. 1 late homework/classwork assignment throughout the unit is allowed but more then this will disqualify a student’s ability to retake an assessment.
  3. Retakes must be taken no more than a week past the initial assessment. Retakes need to be scheduled with Miss Warrington for an after school period.  

Required and Recommended Materials 


        If a student at any time during the school year needs additional assistance in any manner he/she is more than welcome to ask/speak to Miss Warrington. Miss Warrington will help in any way that she possibly can. Student can approach Miss Warrington prior to or after class or send an email to .

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Be On Time: Students are required to come to class on time every day. On time means the student is inside the classroom in their seat as the bell rings. If a student is late several steps will be taken:

2. Be Prepared: Students are to come to class each day prepared to work.  Being Prepared means that students bring their: 

3. Stay Seated When Waiting For The Bell: Students will remain in their seats until the bell rings. Students will not stand by their desk or a classmate’s desk or the door before the bell rings to dismiss class. And remember, Miss Warrington dismisses class not the bell.

4. Leaving the Room: Only one student will be permitted to leave the classroom at a time with a pass. The student must sign out/sign in when leaving and entering the room.

5. Cell Phone Policy : Cell Phones are a great tool in the classroom but they can also be a distraction. Unless told by Miss Warrington, students are not allowed to use/ have cellphones in class.

Cell Phone Jail: Students who are consistently warned for their cell phone use will have their phone put in cell phone jail. Students will not be able to have/use their phone for that class period it will be returned at the end of the period and parents/guardians will be contacted.

6. When you’re absent: It is your responsibility to obtain any work that you missed when you were absent. When you are absent all worksheets will be put in your classes specific folder as well as on google classroom.

Expectations for Classroom Behavior in 302

1. RESPECT- Throughout the school year we will be covering a variety of subject matters. It is extremely important that everyone must show respect towards every student and teacher and their opinion. We follow the golden rule in Room 302; Treat everyone the way that you would like to be treated.

2. Follow the Handbook- Students should follow the rules as they are described in the student handbook provided by Gateway.

3. 3 Strike Rule- When a student is exhibiting behavior that is inappropriate for the classroom. Students will be given a: