Community Quilting         2/19


The Feb 19 guild meeting has been organized by the many dedicated volunteers who come out to EYCC every Tuesday.  The format is that of quilting bees of times past in that the members come together to work make blocks that will be assembled into quilts.  This meeting creates an opportunity for members meet & make new friends.   It’s a fun social event with a practical purpose bringing together like-minded folk who have a fundamental love of quilting.


Members are asked to bring a small sewing kit with needle, neutral-coloured thread, threader, thimble & scissors as well as a mug for a hot beverage (tea or coffee.)  To complete the social picture, yummy cookies will be provided.


This year, the sewing project is appliqueing prepared fabric circles to brightly coloured squares.  The fussy cut kid-themed fabrics are sure to a smile on your face as you affix them to the gorgeous bright blue, pink, purple or red squares.



So many of you scheduled quilting time for Community Quilting over the Christmas Break.  Twenty-three quilts were received at the CQ table!!!  Thank you to the following members:


CQ quilt sandwiches:  Bob Gutcher (4), Sylvia Rochetti (2), Janet Patterson, Kirsten Johnston, Kathy Schofield, Phoebe Visser, Rosemary Adams, Micah Perelman, BJ Reid, Del Hersey, Sandra Bassett, Judy Ellen, Leslie Batt, Martha Huffman, France Barrette


From their own stash: together, Elizabeth Davies, Jan McGoey & Arlette Adam, Jan McGoey, Brenda Horvath, Cathy Campbell (3), Ann Wood, Shelley Kayser


CQ quilt tops:  France Barrette, Rosemary Adam


I want to extend my personal appreciation of the response for finished quilts for Nonnina’s Table in time for the distribution of baskets just before Christmas. The organizer, Joan Lim,  also sent her thanks in her letter:


“This year we made 265 children happy. Thanks to York Heritage Quilt Guild which donated  beautiful hand crafted quilts and various personal hygiene products and baby clothing”.


We will repeat this drive next year.  We’ll have the kids’ quilt sandwiches available at the May meeting, to give everyone more time.