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986. I’ve gotten away from all of the activities that used to make me money.  Now is the time to become the King of Spin.


988. “As with diabetes, metformin has been shown to cause a reduction in appetite, weight, and the body's total fat content. In associated heart disease conditions, there is plaque build-up that lines the arteries. This build-up of plaque can lead to atherosclerosis.8 Metformin reduces or lowers the chances of developing atherosclerosis and reduces the rate of pro-aging cross linkages of collagen, which plays a role in the scar tissue build-up that occurs during wound healing.4


990. “What researchers have learned in the past several years is that metformin has many other positive benefits beyond controlling blood glucose levels with very low risk of causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). One major effect of metformin is a decrease in the production and release of glucose from the liver. When used in combination with antidiabetic drug sulfonylurea or insulin, metformin also can help minimize the weight gain frequently associated with these medications. It can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, lower blood fat levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And when taken by individuals treated intensively with sulphonylureas, a class of oral medications that control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes by stimulatingproduction of insulin, or insulin alone, metformin also significantly decreased the risk of stroke.


992. “Metformin adjusts cellular energy consumption by targeting the liver, preventing it from creating more sugar (glucose), and inhibiting a hormone (glucagon) responsible for increasing blood sugar levels. It also decreases the absorption of glucose in the gut and increases insulin sensitivity.”

993. “Several animal and human studies on men with erectile dysfunction and insulin resistance, obesity, or diabetes showed that metformin improved erectile dysfunction .

994. “A number of studies have suggested that metformin may slow the aging process, probably in part through AMPK activation.

995. “As I have often written, every people has a god-given right to be misruled by their own people.”

996. Digital Minimalist

I ran across the term digital minimalist, and it appeals to me as a part of my desire to go ascetic.  

Our world today is driven by consumerism - online and offline.  Forces everywhere try to convince us that spending an useless crap from China.  Even worse, social media attempts to get us addicted to spending our time online.

Over time, most of us develop physical clutter.  We have a closet full of clothes we haven't worn in years.  Small items get dumped in a bottom desk drawer never to be seen again.  Books pile up that should be donated to Goodwill or the Public Library.

The same thing happens digitally.  I have an external hard drive with over a terabyte of saved images, files, videos, podcasts, and software.  99% will never be accessed again.  I have hundreds of thousands of emails on Google Drive that will never be read.

Clutter is clutter.

On your smartphone, it's even worse, because your storage space is decidedly smaller.  How many useless apps have you downloaded and installed?

997. If your life was a movie, would it be worth watching?  Life has become stagnant and boring.  We let our health slide.  You became roommates instead of lovers.  I have become way too passive and reactive.  For years, we were caught up in working for others at jobs, even good jobs.  I don't think humans were meant to live that way.

Creating the life you want just feels like so much self-help bullshit.  What I call pump up books.  

I have to make changes, but not something preached to me in a book.  As a Stoic, I need to take action to move along my own path to my own success.  What would have some meaning for me?  What should my legacy be?

I am not in a relationship that serves me.

Something has to change.  For IBMs*, time is running short.  We have the ideas to make our country better while helping our families at the same time.  Snowflakes will lead our culture to failed socialism, but they will call is something sweet.

Dating is something not in my current life.  I am rebuilding my body and finances to go back to perpetual travel looking for those 40ish women around the world who are as hungry as I am for unconditional love and respect.

The life I have fallen into is not something I have to live with for the rest of my life.

You can create the life of your dreams with hard, focused work.  And persistence.  We let life happen to us instead of taking full responsibility for everything in our world.  Think ho'oponopono.

Create the results you want.  You have to take responsibility for the mistakes of the past, and put them in your rear view mirror.  In America, we live in comfort.  We tend to assume that things will get better in the future with or without our individual efforts.

Own your life.

We have to do what we know works for us.  Actions don't have to be huge, but just head in the right direction.

What do I really want as an IBM*?

For years, I was in the habit of reacting to life instead of making things happen.  I now need to return to the life of perpetual traveler and all the adventures that entails.

998. Being in the house pisses me off more and more.  I have anger and resentment welling up.  77 days to a new life.

999. Why do goals suck?  Most if not all are things society says you should want or do.  You should get married.  You should take the  higher paying job over one you love.  What I really want is freedom to travel and to find the women who will make my life interesting.

1000. End goals are about following your path and heading toward your vision.  I don’t even like to call them goals.  They are more like perpetual beneficial actions.  Taking a trip is a goal.  Perpetual travel is a lifestyle.  Losing 20 pounds is a goal.  Eating a plant based low fat vegan diet is a way of life that will lead to better health and a proper weight.  You do not reach the end until you die.  End goals can even be feelings, like achieving love and intimacy with the perfect woman.

1001. “As seems to be my personality, I used any and all adversity to get stronger and educate myself about life and my surroundings. I found that helped me to stay focused on important matters. I met several honorable men, and of course some who could not wait to go to war to kill. This was only three years before the war ended, and troops were already being sent home, with fewer and fewer new recruits going to Vietnam. The risk was still evident, but not as much as it had been earlier.

I’ve always believed that conscription was slavery pure and simple.  If I had been one year older, I would have been #1 in the first draft lottery.  My year, I was #353 and went on about college.

With the worldwide economy falling into shit, I fear politicians will find a new war for us.

1002. I have much to do over 77 days to get in shape and make money.  I have to reduce stress, stay out of the TV room, and work like a mad man.

1003. The “goal” of iPT is to experience the world, not to collect objects, work myself sick for FU Money, but happiness and memories to take to the grave.

1004. If time and money were no object, and you did not need permission from anyone, what kinds of experiences would you crave?

1005.  Create a vision of the future that is yours alone.  Free yourself from society and the culturescape.  Mine is iPT, and seeking out the perfect woman.  It may be more than one.  At this age, marriage is an option, not a requirement unless I settle on one location and become a mail order husband.

1006. I hope I can develop a list of articles that are worthy of  I want to take the macro events and translate them for individuals.

1007. When working on self-improvement, keep it simple, don’t overthink, and know the difference between means goals and end goals.

1008. AI - The Vegan Traveler

1009. At first, I need to travel to the various MOB countries and get the feel for which one is best for finding my match.  I will make it a tax deductible business trip.

1010. Find and post different international marriage laws on iPT.

1011. “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” ~ Yoda

1012. As Americans, we are in a dangerous place.  We have neocons in the government that Trump has for some unknown reason resurrected who are hungry for more war in Venezuela, Iran, and more.  If we don’t pay attention and demand that our leaders mind their own business and fix problems in America, we are headed for disaster not known in my lifetime.

1013. One of the great myths of spirituality is that one must remove oneself from the world.  Maybe it helps to remove all distractions and that’s why many of all religions go to monasteries or nunneries to follow their paths to enlightenment.  Not so.  Buddha lived for a time as both a prince and ascetic, and found enlightenment underneath a bodhi tree.

He had a wife.  In our Internet world, most spiritual people are connected digitally but not obsessed with the technology.  Spiritual people are like doctors.  They help the human condition but have to remember the first commandment - do no harm.

1014. Good article on fasting and protein needs for longevity:

Monster Setup

Reinventing myself has become somewhat of a daily task.  And maybe it should be.  I have been thinking too far ahead and setting up 90 or 365 day goals that allow me to slack on the now.

No more.  I must hold myself accountable on a daily basis.

The vision I have is to get my health and finances in the best possible shape so I can make the trip to the Ukraine or Vietnam this summer.  Not much time to build up, but I need to find my next ex-wife before I get too old or feeble to make the trip.

One plan of mine was to do a daily PDF where I keep all of my rough drafts, notes, and “might do” lists.  These will then be broken into parts, posted online, and reassembled into ebooks or Kindle books to boost  

The problem with long term goals is that you can never anticipate the obstacles along the way.  We create a rosy mental scenario that is a straight linear line from today to point X in the future.

Everyone self-sabotages at times, especially introverts. When we self-sabotage, we throw the game without taking a swing.

When we hit a block, we call ourselves failures and give up.  Every goal becomes a New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym every day that does not last even to Valentine’s Day.

I have a number of stumbling blocks hurting me now:

1. sugar

2. television

3. pain

Of course, no matter how innocent I believe I am, all three blocks are self-inflicted wounds for the most part.  I have a hernia that needs fixing, but the pain coming to my feet is from type 2 diabetes which I brought on myself with a lifetime of bad eating habits.

While I think I am in reasonably good shape for age 64, I am out to build the best IBM (Introvert Boomer Male) on the planet.  Me.

As introverts, we are all guilty of overthinking, overplanning, endless reflection, and introspection. We think things through over and over, gnawing at our problems and fears.

Our constant analyzing - paralysis by analysis - prevents action.

The more we think, the more reasons we find to stay frozen in place.  We procrastinate and never take the first step to have the ideal relationship, career, or home that we want. Procrastination creeps out into all areas of our lives.  We start putting off exercise, the gym, and eating a healthy diet.

My biggest obstacle is diabetes.  I am having trouble beating my blood glucose levels down to normal even with meds and Melabic.  Both work better with daily exercise.  I have even adopted a totally vegan diet, but that is not a panacea.

What seems to be the secret is the right combination.  Exercise is the accelerator for food, nutritional supplements, and Metformin.  At this time, I am not insulin dependent.  I’m trying to keep it that way.

The problem is that diabetes causes everything (or seems to), but it sneaks up on you.  It doesn’t hurt until it’s too late and the surgeon is cutting off body parts.  Many physicians are now calling Alzheimer’s Disease diabetes type 3.

What you start to understand is that doctors have theories at best.  Many don’t have a clue and recommended direct opposites in diet and medication.

Insulin resistance is an impairment of the body's ability - specifically the liver, fat and muscle cells - to use insulin to process glucose (sugar). As a result, glucose does not enter the cells, and blood sugar levels rise.  Some believe that fat inside the cell is the agent that blocks insulin.

The vast majority of people with type 2 diabetes are also insulin resistant, as are many people who have high blood pressure,cardiovascular disease, or who are obese.

But it begs the question why?  Some experts say diabetes is rooted in inflammation.  Could be.

I believe each individual needs to construct their own course of treatment.

My second obstacle is my love of watching TV.  As kids, I can remember rushing home in time for Superman.  I’ve loved it ever since.

It’s funny though.  While in Peace Corps in Korea, I never watched television except maybe for an occasional sporting event.  Didn’t really miss it, but I guess when your in your early 20s, cheap beer and cheaper hookers were a better attraction.

For years, whenever I worked at home, I have the TV going as background noise.  It’s easy to underestimate how much of a distraction that is.

Starting today, I will not work in the room with the TV.  When I am watching TV, and I will watch Virginia on Friday in the NCAA Tournament, I will do nothing more than reading emails during commercials.  No writing.  No creating videos.  No real work.

While I am in Jacksonville, I have to devise my own plan for reversing diabetes.  I will continue to take the meds until my blood sugar is below 100 and I can safely stop.

Here goes:

1.   Total vegan diet

2. Exercise

If you take insulin for type 2 diabetes, chances are you’ve already tried lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. You’ve likely also already taken an oral medication like metformin (such as Glumetza or Glucophage). Insulin may be the next step your doctor will recommend to get your diabetes under control.

Taking daily insulin is a supplement to the hormone either your pancreas doesn’t make enough of or your body doesn’t use efficiently. But what if even insulin shots don’t bring your blood sugar within range? If you’ve been on insulin for a while and it doesn’t seem to be working, it’s time to see your doctor again to reevaluate your treatment plan.

The same healthy diet and exercise programs you started when you were first diagnosed with diabetes are worth revisiting now — especially if you’ve let them lapse. The diabetes diet isn’t all that different from a normal healthy diet. It’s high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein, and low in processed, fried, salty, and sweet foods.

Exercise is the other critical part of blood sugar control. Walking, bike riding, and other physical activities help lower your blood sugar directly, and indirectly by promoting weight loss. Experts recommend that you get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on five or more days a week. If you’re overweight, you might need to increase it to 60 minutes a day. Ask your doctor how to balance your insulin doses with exercise so your blood sugar doesn’t dip too low during workouts.

Jordan Peterson is everywhere on TV and YouTube these days.  His book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is an rewarding read and has spurned a meme of people giving their own 12 rules for life.

You can access Peterson’s books here, or see some of his videos here.

Ryan Holiday - in his newsletter, takes a crack at 12 rules for stoics.

  1. Live as if you died, but were resuscitated and every minute was a gift.
  2. Every person you meet is an opportunity for kindness.
  3. Don’t read for show, read to be better.
  4. Be forgiving of others, but don’t demand forgiveness for yourself.
  5. Try to hold as few opinions as possible.
  6. Pick a “Cato” and judge each difficult decision with: “What Would ____ Do?”
  7. Practice good spending habits (keep in touch with poverty).
  8. Always consider the worst case scenario.
  9. Keep a list of what you’ve learned from other people (and remember to thank them often).
  10. Get up early every day—as early as you can.
  11. Take cold showers.
  12. If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.

I’ll take my first stab at my own rules.  Maybe I should do it daily if needed.

1. Wake up at 4:44 am (4 is pronounced the same as the character for death in Chinese).  Die at 4:44, and be reborn at 4:45.

2. Check blood glucose level.  If above 120, no food until under control.  Might be in the afternoon.  Might be tomorrow.

3. Take a walk in the morning.  At least 3 miles.

4. During my walks, have moments of deep breathing, observing nature, and walking meditation/ho’oponopono.

5. Visit the gym every day, even if just for the hydromassage.  I have Planet Fitness which has locations everywhere.  Walk or drive.

6. Do calisthenics and planks at home every day.  I need to develop routines that will strengthen and stretch my muscles away from the gym.

7. Eat a complete vegan diet.  No meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, honey.

8. Practice good spending habits.  Do not buy anything you cannot carry on your person or in your backpack.

9. Find items to throw away or donate to charity every day.

10. Forgive your past mistakes, and forgive current mistakes of others.

11. Be silent and transparent.  Let good acts speak for you.

12. Introduce yourself to as many strangers as possible each day.

I’m going to try to do this each day until I get my rules right.  It’s a lot like James Altucher’s 10 ideas each day, only better.

In 2009, Hoke had personal relationships with more than one graduate from the PEP program. Though these relationships had only begun after the prisoners' releases from prison, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice deemed those relationships inappropriate. She was banned from entering any Texas prison.

ChkLine - Personal Tracking

  1. 3,000+ words
  2. Traction
  3. AM - dental
  4. 5:00 am - check blood sugar
  5. Feed critters
  6. Morning Meds
  7. Walk to Cobblestone
  8. Gym
  9. 10:00 am - check blood sugar
  10. Food - soup, fruit, protein shake, beans, sweet potato
  11. Planks
  12. Calisthenics/Stretching
  13. 8:00 pm - check blood sugar
  14. PM - Dental
  15. Sleep