Our Purpose

Ethics: “People, Planet, the Future & Surplus”

  1. Enable people to enjoy safe, healthy, informative, fun and memorable experiences with each other.
  2. Protect the planet, with a particular focus on prevention of water pollution.
  3. Provide future stakeholders, employees and customers with a foundation of educational, administrative, and operational structure to increase skills, gain experience and build wealth.
  4. Redistribute surplus revenue to activities and causes that equitably benefit and support people in the communities in which we do business and beyond.

Vision: “Ethically Satisfying Quality of Life”

Our vision is to ethically provide our staff and supporters with a satisfying life and a healthy environment.

Mission: “Enjoyable, Ecological & Educational Tour Experiences”

To provide memorable paddling experiences through education in a safe, healthy, and fun setting.


  1. Equality: Fairness, Justice, Balance
  2. Teamwork: Cooperation, Collaboration, Coordination
  3. Generosity: Sacrifice, Altruism, Compassion
  4. Stewardship: Protection, Conservation, Refuge
  5. Accountability: Responsibility, Liability, Answerability
  6. Determination: Endurance, Persistence, Patience
  7. Integrity: Transparency, Honesty, Consistency


  1. Educate Honestly: Provide information truthfully, accurately, consistently and humbly.
  2. Communicate Effectively: Interact with respect, structure, clarity, brevity, and attention to feedback.
  3. Operate Systematically: Structure and organize the company’s training, scheduling, tour preparation, storage, finance, expansion and general readiness.
  4. Improve Continuously: Codify workflows, processes, and policies, and manage change effectively.
  5. Protect the Natural Environment Unwaveringly: Resolute and determined preservation of our shared natural heritage.
  6. Grow Ethically: Offer partner stock promotion tracts, measure quality of life metrics, perform product lifecycle analysis, and conduct impact assessments.
  7. Promote Constructive Nonconformity Consistently: Encourage engagement, productivity and innovation: Reduce complacency, avoid peer pressure, challenge the status quo, and interpret information in ways that benefit everyone.
  8. Provide an Enjoyable Future: Establish an employee cooperative. Indulge curiosity. Provide team with healthy and affordable source of food.