Before Tarazed: 2008 - 2797 CE

2008: Divergence of the Zedi Worldline from the Tzadi Worldline due to a Quatran traveler's accidental interference.

2020s: Scientists searching for scientific proof of certain spiritual tenets are discredited during neuroimaging scandals.

2060s: Climate change precipitates the Starvations.

2090s: The Cold Bloom, a bioengineered algal life-form known to Quatrans as silvergreen, appears in the Arctic Sea and begins manipulating the climate.

2100: The World Union is formed.

2105: The Song to Extraterrestrial Intelligence project managed by the Lily Desana Foundation transmits music to a Bok globule in the Orion Nebula with the hope that a modulated particle beam will cause the gas cloud to react in a way visible to potential alien civilizations.

2110s: The World Union funds major environmental reconstruction projects in the equatorial regions.

2140s: The early Internet is rebuilt as a cultural archive and used in parallel with the more modern Earthsphere.

2150s: Martian colonization efforts.

2152: The Sony-Ixion Petabyte Audio Vault, a quantum-state data storage device optimized for media recording, is mass-produced. One such device will later be taken to the Tarazed system.

2153: An earthquake ravages Italy, collapsing the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

2154: Roberto Emelio Perez born in Madrid, European Union.

2160s: Human-crewed Jovian and Saturnian missions.

2162: When All The Worlds Were New, a set of children's books, is published.

2170s: Human-crewed inner Kuiper Belt missions.

2175: The Starseed Program is initiated.

2176.01.01: Rosalia Afrodite Perez born to Roberto and Amelia Perez in Madrid.

2177: The Shanti Maru, commanded by Aranti Wolfe, is severely damaged by a plasmagnetic storm. Aranti, grieving the recent death of her husband on Earth, refuses a recall order by the Solar Space Service and takes the ship out of the Sol system toward Alpha Centauri, transmitting constantly until she is out of range.

2178.04.25: Maria Sofia Perez born.

2180.02.29: Jocelyn Amelia Perez born.

2182.04.04: Jenica Esperanza Perez born.

2188: The Aphrodite's Promise, the first human-crewed Venus lander, briefly visits Venus.

2190: The Oort Spectroscopic Arrays begin mapping nearby star systems. John de Silva becomes the commanding officer of the Solar Space Service.

2191: The Netzach, the second human-crewed Venus lander, completes its mission despite a life-support failure that necessitates evacuation of most of its crew to Ishtar Station.

2194: Manual synchronization of the Pluto OSA servers leads to accidental overwriting of Tarazed system observations with simulation data, leading scientists to believe the system hosts a habitable planet.

2194.04.25: Maria has a dream of meeting another self during a family trip to a beach in Barcelona.

2199: The Skies of Blue suffers engine failure at Mercury and enters a ballistic orbit; the crew evacuate and miss the planet by less than ten meters and are rescued from orbit.

2205: Dr. David Brenner is discredited after misuse of CERN experimental facilities to promote his unorthodox theories.

2207: Dr. Maria Perez applies to the Eagle Project as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Ecologist.

2208: Steven Reeves's brother Kyle is killed in a rail launcher accident.

2210.07.10: Starship Eagle departs Earth orbit for the Tarazed system (a distance of 461 light years). After 276 days of acceleration at one gravity, it reaches cruising speed of 0.78c with a relativistic time dilation of 1.6.

2211: The Perez family decides to follow in Maria's footsteps and join the next extrasolar colony: the Carina Project.

2216.07.10: Starship Carina departs Earth orbit for the Canopus system (a distance of 316 light-years).

2577: Starship Carina passes close to a radiation source, causing severe radiation poisoning in some of its hibernating crew, including Roberto, Amelia, and Rosalia Perez.

2621: Starship Carina arrives at Canopus after 253 years ship time and 405 years real time. A colony is established on the fourth planet, Nueva España.

2674: Jenica Perez dies in a rockfall on Nueva España.

2404: A meteoroid strike on the starship Eagle starts a major fire. Watchmen Tili Prema and Jack Satya go EVA in a bumblebee to fight the fire but are lost in space.

2797.04.25: The Last Watch is awakened as the starship Eagle reaches the Tarazed system.

Maria's Dream: 2797 - 3406 CE
Events in the Tarazed system are detailed in The Dream of Tarazed.

2813.08.22: The
Paradise Lost leaves Tarazed for Sol.

2834: The Eta Carinae supernova is observed from Earth.

3280: The Situation Transmission from the Garden of Eden Colony reaches Sol.