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Facebook Guide

Google Code In 2017

Prepared By: Chirag Gupta


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  1. Quality Graphic Design: First impressions are very important on social networks. To maximize the Likes of your page, invest in quality graphic design. 
  2. Post on Saturday and Sunday mornings: Engagement is highest on Saturday and Sunday mornings and thanks to Facebook’s native scheduling function your nonprofit can easily schedule weekend posts in advance.

  3. Create Shareable Stuff: The key to getting new people to see your content is to get the people who already like your Page to share it. Engagement is good (likes, comments) but sharing is better. Encourage your current readers to share your posts with their networks and you will connect with like-minded people and grow your reader base.
  4. Get the Like Box: Add a Like box to the main page of your website.
  5.  Use targeted Facebook ads: On Facebook, you can boost a post or send an ad to people based on 100+ different characteristics, including age, gender, location, interests and behaviors. Ads help you reach new people you might not be able to find otherwise.
  6. Be Responsive: Give your followers a fantastic user experience on social by being exceptionally responsive. Use Businesses on Messenger for to interact directly with your Facebook Page fans. Page admins are now able to reply to public comments with a private message. Everyone can gauge your level of responsiveness by a badge on your Page.

  7. Be Entertaining and Use Humor: Nonprofits that show a bit of humanity and humor do well on social media. Make sure that any content you share makes sense for your particular audience and your brand voice.

  8. Invite guest contributors or host interviews: Writing a feature or hosting a Q&A or Facebook Live session with someone who has a significant following on Facebook is an opportunity to reach that person’s audience. Find someone who has a similar audience to your target audience. Ask them to re-share the post with their followers. Maybe a board member could write a blog about why they are involved, a volunteer could share a story about their experience with the organization, or a staff member could describe program innovations.

  9. Get Visual: Bring your story to life with rich content that captures your message and engages your audience.

  1. Promote your Page in other places:  Let people know you’re active on Facebook through your other marketing channels. Make sure to tell people why it’s important for them to like your Page. Remind them of what you’re trying to accomplish by growing your support base online.

  2. Tips for Collecting Donations using Facebook: To get the most impact from adding a donate button, here are some useful pointers:

  1. Funding Goal: Set a goal and tell people why it’s important that the campaign raise this amount.
  2. Time Frame: Give the ask an end date. This creates a sense of timeliness and urgency, and makes it easier to plan around fundraising milestones.
  3. Tangible outcomes: Define the specific output donors should expect. If funds will be used to launch a new project or to grow an existing initiative, define the scope and number of people who will be served. Especially if your organization’s mission is broad and long-term, fundraising campaigns can help break it down into direct results donors will see in the near future.


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