8th Grade Social Studies

Curriculum at a Glance


American History

1 Quarter

The Age of Discovery and Effects on Native Cultures

•         Analyze and explain the causes and         effects of the Age of Discovery.

•         Examine contacts between Native  Americans and European settlers.

•         Describe the creation of the American Colonies.

-     Describe the Earliest Americans

-     Evaluate the Trading Kingdoms of West Africa

New Empires in the Americas, Early Colonization

-    Examine how the Europeans changed life in the Americas

-    Evaluate experiences of the colonists and how it shaped America’s political and social ideas

-    Describe early English colonies in America

-    Analyze Spain’s impact and establishment of a large empire in the America’s  

2nd Quarter

The Early National Period, The Revolutionary War, and The Establishment of the American Government

•        Analyze and explain the chronological events of the American Revolution.  

•          Outline the standards and ideas of the Early National Period and the formation of the American Government.

-      Evaluate the struggle for Independence

3rd Quarter

The Civil War and Reconstruction

•        Analyze the causes and effects of major events of the Civil War.

•        Evaluate the lasting effects of Reconstruction.

-     Examine the movement to end slavery.

Western Expansion

•        Explain how mass migration and the discovery of mineral deposits in the American West changed the character of the country.

-     Describe the idea and impact of Manifest Destiny

-     Analyze the effect of Manifest Destiny on the Native peoples of America

-     Evaluate the lasting impact of the gold rush on westward expansion.

4th Quarter

The Age of Invention and Industrialization

• Summarize how inventions, production methods, government policies, and certain business practices affected economic development during the Second Industrial Revolution.

-      Explain the impact of the Robber Barons during the Industrial Revolution

Immigration and Ethnic Conflict

• Analyze the impact of immigration on American life and social structure, while making comparisons to current immigration issues.

- Examine the Gilded Age and Progressive movement throughout America

- Evaluate immigration and its relation to urban sprawl.