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GNCC Senior Championships - Rules
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 Rules and Clarifications to GNCC Senior Championships

Senior Men’s Championship

Senior Women’s Championship

Senior Mixed Championship

  1. These Bonspiels shall be held annually at such times as are designated by the GNCC.
  2. The bonspiels shall rotate among the affiliated clubs of the GNCC that have manufactured ice.
  3. The USCA Rules of Curling: Club and Bonspiel Use shall govern the rules of play, except as specifically waived or modified by the GNCC event.  
  1. All ties at the end of regulation play will be decided by playing a full end.
  2. All games including finals shall be eight (8) ends.
  3. The delivery of team stones in a mixed format must be performed with alternating genders.
  1. The entry fee for each bonspiel shall be set by the host club and the GNCC.
  2. Eligibility:
  1. All team members, including substitutes, shall be at least 50 years of age as of January 1 of the year of competition.
  1. Senior Men’s: All team members, including substitutes, shall be male.
  2. Senior Women’s: All team members, including substitutes, shall be female.
  3. Senior Mixed: All teams shall be comprised of two men and two women.  The order of play shall be alternating genders.  All substitutes shall be of the same gender as the player requiring the substitute.
  1. Players must be prepared to provide proof of age to the site chair, if requested.  Failure to do so shall result in the disqualification of that player.
  2. All players and substitutes shall be GNCC members in good standing.
  3. Team members and substitutes are not required to be members of the same GNCC club.
  4. Substitutes may play any position but may not violate the alternating gender rule for mixed play.
  1. Entry Procedures:
  1. Teams shall be accepted for competition in the order that the entries are received.
  2. Entries must include full bonspiel fee payment to be valid.
  3. The defending championship team shall have a place in the competition providing:
  1. At least three (3) members of the team return.
  2. Valid entry is received prior to the deadline date.