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To Our Bay Area Art Community:

As we are in a moment of public health crisis with profound interruptions to daily life, The Art Report, Facebook, and Untitled, Art have partnered to provide include financial assistance for freelance, hourly, and wage working artists vulnerable to the economic standstill.

Our team will distribute funds of $250 per member of household in an effort to support the security and protection of our city's artists who, in "normal times" hold part-time or contract work to prioritize their art practice. Funds support basic human needs such as mental health counseling, healthcare reimbursements not covered by insurance, childcare, food, or rent, for example.

The first round of applications is due on March 31 and will continue quarterly until further notice. Emergency funding is generously supported by our partner Untitled, Art. Special thanks to Jeffrey Lawson, Manuela Mozo, and Emily Counihan.

*Revised Emergency Fund Criteria and Application:*

Artist must have graduated from a Bay Area institution or have lived in the Bay Area for two years as a working artist.

Please reply to with answers to these 5 questions.

1. Name and Address of Residence. Number of family members in your household.

2. Did you graduate from a Bay Area art school or have you been a working artist in the Bay Area for at least two years? Please explain.

2. Please let us know who your employer is, your role, and why this position is not available to you (or if your hours have been forcibly cut) and for how long? Is your employer doing anything to support you during this time?

3. Please list any previous, current, or upcoming exhibitions or projects.

4. Please share any supplementary materials you would like to include ie. CV, website, press links, or work you do in the community.

5. Please share details of why you need financial support including what the money will go towards. Support will go to those who need the most immediate assistance.

In solidarity,

The Art Report