SFES PTO Meeting Minutes

Date: 01/16/18

Attendees: Mr. Fowler, Heather, Becky, Kresta, Jennifer, Mrs. Meadows, Stephanie, Liz, Jennifer

Location: Conference Room

Minutes Recorder: Stephanie Wilson


Principal's report:  Mr. Fowler


  • Chromebooks waiting on 501(c)(3) determination w/ new company to purchase tax free
  • Spanish Immersion Program - K+1 in 2018-19 School Year

Action Items

ITEM 2 TOPIC:  President’s Report                                        Presented by: Heather


  • Feb 14 - 1st Grade Staff Lunch
  • Establish Week of Giving -  2/12-2/16
  • Blood Drive
  • Words of Encouragement to Soldiers?
  • Hearts & Hope?
  • Tanya Frye’s Children’s Hospital - Kids helping other kids?
  • Snacks, Gas Cards
  • Will provide more info.

Action Items

ITEM 3 TOPIC: Fundraising Report                                Presented by: Liz


  • IDEA: Movie Night - Summer? End of Camp Invention? Tabled.
  • Linebergers - need to set date, revenue share, and to open on a closed day.
  • IDEA: Painting Night - Craft Night Out around Mother’s Day. Tabled.
  • $30/adult, $25/kid.
  • Profit = $5/pp

Action Items

  • Coordinate rev share and date with Linebergers. Consult Luke Walling

ITEM 4 TOPIC: Treasurer’s Report                                        Presented by:  


  • MIH Update - $15,559 spent so far this year.
  • Including 2016 rollover, there is $43,161.98 left as 12/31/18
  • Final deadline for teachers to turn in MIH requests = 2/4/18

Action Items

  • Follow up w/ teachers

ITEM 5 TOPIC: Vice President’s Report                                        Presented by:  Becky


  • Mother/Son STEM Night - details
  • IDEA: Spirit Sticks - Mystery Eggs w/ Spirit Sticks?
  • Valentine’s Grams to include Spirit Sticks.

Action Items

  •  Flyer for both events

ITEM 6 TOPIC: Communications’ Report                                         Presented by:  Stephanie


  • IDEA: Publix Event? Opening 2/14/18

Action Items

  • Social Media storm about opening
  • Pass out Publix cards to student body the week of 2/5/18 with a flyer

ITEM 7 TOPIC:  Volunteer Coordinator                                        Presented by:  Kresta


  • Coordinating MIH prize lunches for winning teachers

Action Items

  • Set up volunteer schedule


Upcoming PTO Meeting Dates

  • Executive Board Meeting: Tuesday, 2/6 @2:30PM
  • General Meeting: Friday, 2/9 @ 5:45pm

Upcoming Event Dates

  • 1/29-2/13 - Valentine's Grams for Sale! Spirit Sticks & Lollipops
  • Friday, 2/9 6PM-8PM - Mother-Son STEM Night @SFES Cafeteria
  • Friday, 2/16 - Box Tops Due!
  • Friday, 3/2 - Dine for Dollars at Chuck E. Cheese in Hickory
  • Friday, 3/16 - Track Attack Gives Back
  • Friday 3/23 - Wizard of Oz Production by SFES' 4th-6th graders at Newton-Conover Auditorium​
  • Friday, 4/20 @6pm - Father Daughter Dance!


There being no additional business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Stephane Wilson        

PTO Secretary | Communications