The Diary of Isabella Townsend

14th July 1526

Dare I say that I regret ever having complained about the winter. This  bloody heat has just exhausted everyone at court. It is just wretched. Even The King walks around grumbling.

I would much rather stay in the palace where at least the stone walls remain cool to the touch. But Queen Katherine is insistent that she sit outside in her gardens so of course we must accompany her. I’ve always enjoyed sitting with her and the other ladies but it’s just so very hot in the sun.

 The Queen has been quite aloof lately as well.  She just sits in a chair and looks out over the pond. She hasn’t even any geese to watch as they too are struggling to keep cool and keep their frolickling to a minimum. She appears rather distressed although I can’t say I blame her.

I’ve noticed that the Lady Anne has not been present much. The King has recently instructed that she have her own quarters to dine. I’m afraid nothing much stays a secret here at court.

It was reported that The King had gone on a hunt yesterday and took down a buck just for Anne to enjoy. A steward of the King has been appointed to her dining quarters and he claims there was a small hand written note from The King that was delivered with her dinner. It read “When you eat this, think of the hunter.” It seems a little ambitious of His Majesty. I shall pretend I do not understand what he means as it makes me blush to think of such things.