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InnoDB bulk insert
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InnoDB bulk insert

Project goal

Implement MDEV-515, which is about bulk-inserting a huge amount of data into InnoDB.

Project abstract

This project’s objective is to make bulk insertions in tables created in InnoDB databases faster.

As Marko Mäkelä noted, the work will consist of the following tasks:


Before 20th of April:

April 21 -- April 28:

April 29 -- May 6:

May 7 -- May 21:

May 22 -- June 4:

June 5 -- June 19:

June 20 -- July 4:

July 5 -- July 26:

About me

My name is Yury, I’m a third year student (undergraduate) in Far Eastern Federal University at “Applied Mathematics and Computer Science”.

I have been programming since the age, like, 10 (if my Flash experience is counted, else the starting age is 14). My first steps in this way were in Adobe Flash and ActionScript, then I have become more fluent in other languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Object Pascal, Java, PHP, VBA and a lot of others.

Now I prefer C/C++, Python and JavaScript in my projects. I don’t have a huge open-source contribution background, but it was bug fixes and feature additions in TUIJam (, a Google Play Music client for terminal. I was writing a database engine as my semester project too (

My nickname is t1meshift (email:, it’s the same in the vast majority of places.