TERMS  &  CONDITIONS  –  Wightlink  Ryde  Slide  2018   

  1. All participants must pre-register to take part.
  2. All participants must be 8+ years of age.
  3. Participants aged 8-15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 years of age, who must sign the waiver on behalf of the participant.
  4. Unaccompanied participants must be 16+ years of age.
  5. Participants must be in good health and not affected by medical problems, such as heart, back or neck problems, or recent operations that might be worsened by the experience.
  6. Expectant mothers are not allowed to slide.
  7. Anybody suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be refused entry.
  8. Sensible clothing must be worn, to include covering of arms and legs. No belts or sharp objects are allowed.
  9. Sensible footwear must be worn – no loose sandals, only shoes which fully cover the toes, no stiletto heels.
  10. All jewellery must be removed prior to sliding.
  11. The slide will not operate in extreme weather conditions.
  12. We have the right to refuse participation on the day, if we feel the ticket holder does not comply with any of these rules.
  13. The press are likely to be at the slide, filming and photographing the day’s events. You must be willing for the press to film and photograph you as one of many of the participants; potentially photos may be used for marketing purposes.
  14.  There will be water and maybe Ecover (detergent) on the slide. If you have any concerns about allergies, please consult your doctor.

Slide Instructions

1. Participants use the slide at their own risk.

2. Participants are to slide down on the lilo provided as instructed by XS Events staff. The slide operates with a little water and lubricating agent.

3. Sliders must hold on to the lilo at all times.

4. To allow as many people down the slide in one day, each participant can only have one go. After sliding, participants must exit the landing area as quickly and safely as possible with guidance from the marshals and give back the lilo. No running.


I, the undersigned participant, hereby irrevocably confirm that my participation in this event is entirely

at my own risk. I have read the Terms & Conditions covering the Slide Rules and Instructions and agree

that the Wightlink Ryde Slide, XS Events or any other official agreed by them, as organisers of the event will not be responsible for any personal injuries however sustained by me or any other medical condition arising out of, or exacerbated as a result of, my participation in this event or any property lost, stolen or damaged during the course of the event.