6th Grade Fall Supply List

▢ Earbuds (in ear-small and remains with student at all times)

▢ Bookbag (no wheeled bags)

▢ Lunchbox (if applicable)

Daily Weekly Planner (Planner will be provided to 6th grade students.)

▢ 3 Ring binder with 7 erasable dividers

▢ Loose Leaf Paper (College Ruled) and Loose Leaf Graph Paper 1/4"

▢ Pencil Pouch that will hold:

▢ (PE) PE Uniform

▢ (1 History, 1 English) 2 Bound Composition Books

▢ (Band/Chorus) 1” Black Binder with Pockets and Instrument if Applicable

▢ (Science) Duck tape, Scotch Tape

▢ Expo Markers

▢ (History) 3 X 5 index cards (1 pack)


Pack Separately and Leave in Hall in Designated Spot (Look for Sign)

▢ 3 Pack Box of Tissue

▢ Canned Air for Electronics

▢ Roll Viva Select a Size paper towels (2 pack)

▢ 1 Pack of Clorox Wipes


(Science) Expo Markers

(Math) Extra pencils and loose leaf paper for the classroom

(English) note cards -- 3x5 and 4x6 (1 pack each), college ruled composition book