Young Student Journalist Contest

“Not just a contest, an assured career opportunity indeed!”




General Guidelines:

  1.  The Young Student Journalist contest is open to the Mass Communication & Journalism students and students with a keen interest in Journalism,
  2.  Contest is based on video creation as per the creative guidelines in this document,
  3.  Creativity, journalistic approach, social media sharing and views will be the base of judgement for the video entries,
  4.  Only residents of Northeast India are eligible to participate in this contest,
  5.  The contest will start on 7th Dec, 2017,
  6.  Last date for submission of the video is 14th Dec, 2017, 26th Dec, 2017,
  7.  The 2nd phase of social sharing will start on 18th Dec, 2017 and will be open till 1st Jan, 2018,
  8.  No plagiarism of any type is allowed. If found, the participation or even the job offer will be terminated immediately,
  9.  Use of any bots or auto-sharing tools or any unfair means during the social sharing part of the contest is strictly prohibited,
  10.  The themes and sub-topics will be provided once the contest is open, and it will be done through the Facebook page of The Sentinel,
  11.  Topics of political and/or religious affiliation will not be entertained,
  12.  Out of all the participants, Top 10 participants will be called for a short presentation of their videos for the final selection by the 4th week of January 2018, to be held at The Sentinel premises in Guwahati,
  13.  Out of top 10, top 3 participants will get assured paid internship for 6 months and and also gain an opportunity to secure placement with The Sentinel,
  14.  “The Sentinel” holds all the rights to the event, and the decisions taken by the organisers will be deemed as final and inflexible.

Participation Guidelines:

  1. To participate, students must fill up the initial participation form that will be available online at: 
  2. Participation forms will be available online and offline as well, and will be open till the last date of submission,
  3. The themes and sub-topic will be announced through Facebook page only on the date of opening of the contest; so, the students are hereby advised to keep an eye on our Facebook page for the same,
  4. Participants will be allowed a time frame of 7 days to create and submit their videos from the date of the opening of the contest,
  5. One participant can submit only one video,
  6. Submission is through email; all video entries should be sent to 
  7. Another time frame of 7 days will be given for a social sharing phase of their videos, where the participants are supposed to share their videos from the Sentinel Facebook page,
  8. There will be a final round of presentation in The Sentinel premises in Guwahati and the top 10 participants will be informed accordingly.


Creative Guidelines:

  1. Students must submit a video on any of the themes and sub-topics provided by The Sentinel,
  2. The Videos can be prepared in any of the languages from Assamese, English, Hindi, Bengali.,
  3. Participants may use their mobile phones or DSLRs to create the videos, but not the professional cameras,
  4. There should be no watermark or attribution in the video entries participants submit,
  5. Plagiarism or copying from other sources would strictly attract cancellation of the participation, or even may result in termination of the job if found so,
  6. Videos must contain a caption within 200 words,
  7. Videos must be within 60 seconds to 90 seconds, (min. 60 seconds / max. 90 seconds)


 Social Sharing Guidelines:

  1. Videos once posted to FB page must be shared by the participant,
  2. Every share on Facebook and/or Instagram must contain the Hashtag #YoungStudentJournalist
  3. The video must be shared from FB page and not directly posted/uploaded to participants’ feed,
  4. Sharing can be either on their own feeds or on messages or to groups or even pages of their own choices,
  5. The Shares, LIKEs, views on the videos on Sentinel’s FB page will be counted for the final selection,


Winning Criteria:

  1. Content quality,
  2. Creativity,
  3. Journalistic approach,
  4. Most number of LIKEs, comments and Shares on the videos shared from Facebook page,
  5. 4th winner from the top 20 will be on “Jury’s Choice”.



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