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May 23 2018 1322 GMT
Koenig to Pisano-Lombardi

Started April 30 2018

Joseph Pell Lombardi B. Arch. M.Sc.
Joseph Pell Lombardi & Associates
412 Broadway 4th floor
New York NY 10013

Carol A Pisano Esq
Of Counsel
McElroy Deutsch Mulvaney & Carpenter LLP
NYS Registration Number:  1678333
88 Pine Street 24th Floor
New York NY 10005
fax: +1.212.483.9129

Dear Mr Lombardi and Ms Pisano:

Are you related?

Was there an extrinsic fraud [1]  upon the court to interfere with and disrupt the orderly joinder of 55 Liberty Owners Corp [2] and United Services Automobile Association [3] to the pertinent legal action?

Did you interfere with the orderly joinder of 55 Liberty Owners Corp  and United Services Automobile Association to the pertinent legal action?

Do you have knowledge of the theft of the pertinent court documents from the New York County court records?

Did Supreme Court for New York County Judge Carol E Huff participate in disrupting joining of the necessary parties to the legal proceeding?

Was Judge Carol E Huff’s court tainted by extrinsic fraud upon the court?


Does disrupting the orderly joining of necessary parties [classic extrinsic fraud upon the court] invalidate a legal proceeding?  [I believe so].

Do the statutes run if there is [an] extrinsic fraud upon the court? [I believe not]

Does a conspiracy [Lombardi - Pisano] to tamper with the orderly joining of necessary parties rise to the level of a crime? [I believe so].

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
+ (cell, sms, mms + FaceTime) 


The Honorable Carol E Huff
New York State Supreme Court for New York County [ret]
NYS Registration Number: 1409218
150 W 131st Street APT 1
New York NY 10027-2036

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[1] Bulloch v. United States 763 F.2d 1115 (1985)

[2] 55 Liberty Owners Corp; NYS DOS ID # 548928

[3] United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN  74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008: an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized as a Texas reciprocal inter-insurance exchange.