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Director of AI Strategy • AI & Democracy Foundation (AIDF)
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Director of AI Strategy

The AI & Democracy Foundation (AIDF) is working toward a world where democratic capacity can keep pace with AI advances. We accelerate innovation, evaluation, and adoption of deliberative, democratic, human-centered, governance and alignment systems, for and with AI. We are both a non-profit (501c3) funder, and an advisor to philanthropic organizations, AI organizations, civil society, and governments on the design, funding, and adoption of democratic processes. You can see a partial articulation of our vision in this essay.

We believe both that:

  1. Democratic legitimacy will be necessary for addressing the challenges posed by AI and enabling a positive future: “Democracy for AI”.
  2. We will need to (carefully) use AI as part of such democratic processes if we want them to keep pace with AI advances: “AI for Democracy”.

The Director of AI Strategy will lead ecosystem-wide strategy, coordination, and funding to ensure that AI labs can have high-quality (AI-augmented) deliberative processes for critical decisions that need democratic legitimacy. This involves working closely with a network of organizations that provide democratic infrastructure for governments around the world, and helping accelerate the rate of innovation across those networks.



Strong candidates will have a mix of the following:

Location: The ideal hire would be available for meetings in San Francisco for 1-3 days per week for in-person collaboration and meetings, though remote candidates will also be considered. Candidates would ideally overlap at least six hours with Pacific Time working hours.


Please fill out this brief application form to be considered. We strongly encourage you to apply even if you believe you do not fulfill all of the requirements.

This role is open on a rolling basis, with applicants evaluated first come first serve.

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