Team 624 Adult Volunteer Descriptions

Parents / Mentors / Alumni and your Parents

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Updated 9/5/18

We are pleased you and your student are interested in CRyptonite Team 624! 

This is the start of an exciting journey!  The strength of our team has grown over the years, with highly motivated students who are supported by both dedicated parents and by long time experienced mentors who share their time and knowledge.  You will become a valuable member of the team, to help guide and support our students in this adventure.  No experience needed.  We welcome you!

A parent of each student is expected to help.  Parents of current students, Please select 5-10 areas in which you are willing to assist, using this Online form for parents / mentors / alumni.  This corresponds to Section 5 of the 12 page packet provided to students in Aug 2018. There are many to choose from!  Thank you for making a difference in our program!  (For example of prior year packet, see 2017 packet.  Obtain current year packet from school.

After you complete the online form, details will be made available later with more info (dates/places/shift options) in the future.  Once the dates of competitions and demos are identified, they will be posted on the calendar on the team website.

Mentor = help guide student.  Student does the work.  Adult can share expertise in certain areas.




  1. Transportation – carpool students to and from events

  1. Chaperones and adult supervision.  Get to know the students on the team!  They’re good and fun!

  1. Help load and/or unload equipment

Robot and equipment - in/out of trailer and/or vehicles / event / RSC


  1. Tow equipment trailer

Can you tow a trailer behind your vehicle safely?  Prior experience required.  We need your help to get the precious robot(s) to competitions and/or events!  

  1. Travel Meals  - help with arranging prepaid meals (lunches and/or dinners) at competitions

  1. Build season meals  - Saturday dinners - bring a dish to share at RSC during build season starting in January.  Build season lasts 6 weeks.

                Example of a prior season list 1/14/2017 weekly dinner signup:            


Lots of folks bring a dish to share

  1. Science Day Camp - one Saturday in the Fall, the team hosts a fun Science Day Camp for 4th-7th graders, Sat Nov 10, 2018 at CRHS. Save the date.  The sign-up for helping will be available later in sign-up genius.



  1. Media at Events - Event Photography and Social Media (Website, Twitter and Facebook) are in place and utilized at the event

  1. Media - press releases

Write articles (coordinate with rep for #8 Media at Events).  Obtain approval from board.

Submit to listing of publications (list of publications and email addresses to be provided from prior year rep)

  1. Sewing – the robots require fabric covered bumpers.  

  1. Animation – Students create digital animation video.  There are multiple animation video opportunities year round.  Check out a prior year video and offer mentorship.         

  1. Digital media - website - new technology

  1. Digital media - website maintenance, mentor students, new technology.

  1. Digital media (merged w #8)

  1. Video production – Students create video presentation for robot demonstrations, end of year banquet, robot reveal, etc.  Offer mentorship.  

  1. Marketing

  1. Field set construction – in January, help students build required game field elements, made mostly of wood, so our practice field closely compares to actual competition field conditions.




  1. 624’s Safety program – team safety


  1. Web-page– merged with item #13

  1. FLL (FIRST Lego League) JH robotics program for grades 4th-8th

  1. FLL

Help at Practice Day - takes place on one day, about 4 hours in November to prepare for Katy Qualifier.  Team 624 students practice acting as judges and refs.  FLL teams and practice for competition.  Greet and direct people where to go.

  1. FLL Katy Qualifier Tournament – Sat 12/1/18 at CRJH, help in an area.  Team 624 hosts this event annually.  event setup and/or take-down - students handle most of the work.


If your 624 student (or anyone you know) participated in FLL in the past, encourage them to be a mentor for a rookie team to share their knowledge and experience, so others can benefit.

  1. VEX Robotics



  1. CAD – mentor students by sharing your knowledge in SOLIDWORKS , AutoCAD.  Head student provides training to team.

  1. Computer Programming –  JAVA, LabVIEW, C, C++, Python, etc..  Share your knowledge with students.  Head student provides training to team.


  1. Robot Construction (prototype ideas, drivetrain, electronics, manipulation, and pneumatics).  Share your knowledge and experience.  Build Mentor.  Work in coordination with the Lead Build Mentor.

  1. Local Logistics Coordinator (and assistants)  - help coordinate parents, mentors, and students for specific events. Utilize an events guidelines checklist  to cover all the elements of the event. This will cover:


The items below were not in the 8/2018 pdf packet, but are included in the online form.

  1. Event support - provide waters to participants who can’t leave their station (build/driver).  Take cooler to/from event w ice and waters.  Can be a carry type cooler bag for ease.  Assist as needed.  

  1. Hair spiking - assist on the evening before event. Temporary color is applied the next morning.  Green spike is for team spirit / tradition / national recognition.  Teams across the country recognize us and know who we are.



  1. Bottled water for RSC - deliver periodically for build team and mentors.  There is also a drinking fountain in the back of the building.
  2. Travel Arrangements - Lodging, Transportation, Chaperone coverage, See also #27

  1. Signup Genius - do you have experience creating a form, or are you willing to learn?  Not difficult.  Prior year forms can be duplicated.  You can be added as administrator.

  1. Technical knowledge in any of the following

  1. Banquet committee - Banquet planning overview


We greatly appreciate you taking time look at our choices and fill out the Online form

We are looking forward to the year ahead with you and your student in CRyptonite!

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