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The truth is, where we place our attention and our intention is what manifests and becomes our life.

If you are not creating the life you desire, chances are your attention and intention have been misdirected. You have been creating a life of convenience, excuses and unaccountability. It’s time to show up.

I know what I am talking about because for the last 10 years my life has been a full-time immersion in accelerated,focused spiritual development. I have been paying attention and setting intentions about the direction my life should be going in and you know what? I am living my desires each day.

The gift of following this path of focused attention and intention is a life filled with clarity, ease, joy and awareness. I am continuously living from a grounded and uplifted state of gratitude and awe. How awesome is that?

I have come to a place in my life where I am ready and inspired to work with YOU. What you may know about me is that in my lifetime of healing and intuitive consultations, my life has been blessed with the opportunity to work with thousands of people and receive in the field experience in addition to the knowledge gained from my trainings.

What you may NOT know is that I am certified in over 40 modalities and have worked on 10,000 clients in private sessions. I have taught thousands of students and of these clients, I have personally given transformational sessions for many of the spiritual healers and teachers across the US who have learned from me and went on to create their own beautiful spiritual businesses. I worked with them to amplify their skills and expand into their highest frequency possible. I did it with them and I can do it with you.

Over the years I have been asked countless times to offer up private mentoring and coaching sessions. Truthfully, I never had the time or interest to do it because I knew how deeply intimate and sacred such a journey would be.

Up until recently, I have been primarily focused on creating and expanding my center and I only worked in private coaching with a few people, people that I was divinely guided to work with.

Now that this decade is coming to an end, many major shifts happened for us all, you and me, and of them was born the desire to work with people like you in coaching programs to help you move past your fears and become limitless.

I am ready to open my schedule to work with a select few clients a month who are ready to commit to personal expansion, taking a deep-dive into the unconscious and take responsibility for how they are showing up in the world.

SO if you are ready to accelerate your transformation and ground your highest potential into reality, then this program is for you.

Because you are unique (we all are in our own way) and your transformational journey has been uniquely your own, during our time together, I wouldn’t follow a system or protocol. Every one of your sessions will be customized to your needs in that moment.

I customize your sessions to:

SO what does your program look like and consist of?

Your sessions will be comprised of:

Why am I being called to provide personal one on one coaching now?

You aren’t the only one with insecurities you know! I have been ready to offer private one on one coaching for years now, but my OWN insecurities held me back.

Thankfully I worked through them and now armed with my own self knowledge AND proven track records (read the testimonies below), I am 1000% confident I can do for you what I have done for myself and countless others in coaching.

I can show you your light and make you shine!

People have been asking me for years to share my gifts and tools that I uniquely embody and used to make transformational changes in my own life and those around me. They wanted to access this level of awareness and empowerment within themselves. Well now they and YOU can.

I know that as I put out this offer, many who are ready to transform their situations into something more and something better are going to take advantage of this opportunity. I know that.

However, as much as I wish I could work with everyone who responds to this call, because of my commitment to my center and my personal life, I will only be able to take a few personal clients a month. 4 to be exact.

There is nothing scripted! We co-create together in this program!

You and Me, One on One! Side by Side

Are you ready?

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This monthly experience offers you guidance through use of the highest levels of my dimensional experiences. Here is an idea of what that looks like:

Work with me as a catalyst for your transformation!   


Benefits of us working together:

If it sounds too good to be true…..it actually is! Why?

Because this is a LIMITED opportunity.

I am excited and honored to share everything that I have access to with you. If you’re called to work with me 1-on-1, let’s get you on the calendar to schedule a discovery session.

If we agree that we are a right fit for each other (after all, this is will be an intimate and safe container that we’ll be forming together), I’ll pull out all of the stops and share my unique form of multi-dimensional coaching with you.

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These testimonials are specifically from past clients in Uma’s clarity coaching packages

“Uma is truly a talented and knowledgeable professional. Whether you know exactly what you need, or need a consult to figure out the best approach — Uma is your person. To say I walked out of my coaching program feeling like a new person is an understatement. I have so much clarity about myself, my family and the way I view life (which incidentally needs to change). Treat yourself and change your life, see Uma today!” -Ashley Thompson 2/4/19

“Working with Uma as my business coach has been very beneficial to both me and my business. She gave me clarity and worked with me on the struggles that I was imposing on myself. Best of all, she gave me confidence and empowered me to operate my own business and she did so with competence"- Nikita Omar, 5/5/2019

“I decided to launch my energy healing business in the Spring of 2019.  I knew I needed guidance, support and coaching to be successful in this growing field.  I enrolled in Uma’s Clarity Coaching Program.  It was very comprehensive and provided the support and direction I needed to make solid business plans and decisions.  Her combination of no-nonsense counseling and spiritual insight was the perfect match for me.  I believe every individual (whether you are a business owner or not) can benefit from the experience and guidance of a mentor.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed and miss the “big” picture. With Uma’s assistance I was able to begin my business and today have a thriving practice doing what I love!  Thank you, Uma, for helping make this possible!   I highly recommend Uma’s coaching programs.  What are you waiting for???” -Karen Promisel, 12/5/2019


I'm excited about the possibilities of what we can create together, birth together and expand together. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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Love and Light, Uma xo