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BigBadWeb Privacy Policy
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BigBadWeb Limited Privacy Policy

Who are we?

BigBadWeb Limited is a is a software development and consultancy company registered number 10329930, VAT Number 275 3917 73, registered office: 

BigBadWeb Limited

Stanley House,

49 Dartford Road,




TN13 3TE

What your data is used for?


When your browser requests a page from the server that host the website for the first time, the server ask your browser to store a small piece of data to identify your “session”, so that on subsequent requests, the server knows that your browser has requested the page before.  

This data is called a “cookie” and is usually stored for a short period, or until you clear your browser’s cookie storage for the website.

We use cookies to track your browsing session or service interaction to make the experience better for you, for example, by persisting your login sessions across page views.

We use third party services (such as Google Analytics, New Relic, Rollbar) to monitor the health of our websites and services. These services will also use cookies to track your browsing session or service interaction.

In some of our websites, we also use third parties for advertising, (such as  Amazon Ads and Google Ads), in these cases, the advertisers may also place a cookie in your browser.

Identity, Authorisation and Security.

Data about you, in the form of name, address, telephone number and email address may be stored in our databases. Passwords you might use, are encrypted wherever they are stored in our systems.

You are expected to keep your username and password combination safe.

Who will we share your data with?

Your data is not shared with third parties, it is only accessible to authorised members of staff or people working on their behalf.

Your data may be used in services that we use to manage the day to day operations of