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Volunteering at Ängsbacka - share your skill in presence, service and togetherness

At Ängsbacka - our membership owned center for personal development running Courses and Festivals/Conscious Camping - we live and work together. For the duration of our volunteering period we explore how it is to live a daily life centered in selfless service, presence, self-awareness & self-responsibility, relating from the heart, gratitude and celebration.

We support each other and we hold a nurturing space for visiting participants, while at the same time supporting our own personal development.

When entering a ‘Skilled Volunteer’ role for the summer you temporarily become part of the working community at Ängsbacka and we encourage you to take this golden opportunity for personal transformation: to become aware of limiting beliefs, patterns and triggers and move beyond them with the support of a safe and loving environment. Ultimately, and in line with Ängsbacka’s overall vision, we hopefully come closer to the realisation of who and what we are beyond all thoughts & concepts and develop beautiful friendships along the way!

Tools & practices to live our vision

Marketing Assistant volunteer role

We are looking to extend our Marketing Office with a Volunteer Marketing Assistant who will be working closely with the marketing team to develop and implement Social Media plans and strategies for Ängsbacka and her products.

When you get to join the team, you will be tasked with helping identify opportunities to grow our Social Media presence, as well as creating marketing materials for our day-to-day marketing. You will be supporting the creation of presentations for the workshop leaders that visit Ängsbacka throughout the summer and provide administrative support to the Marketing team. To be chosen for this role, you must have prior experience in administration and social media marketing. Experience in the realms of our products is considered a plus.

Effective written and verbal communication skills in English and a high level of attention to detail are both important keys to success in this role.

Marketing Assistant abilities:

Marketing Assistant - Prefered Skills and Qualifications:

Marketing Assistant tasks:

                Department needs my vary based on the active team constellation

Education and/or Experience: