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Stop Pacaso Letter to Editor 7/5
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Stop Pacaso

EDITOR: This idyllic little piece of real estate, aka Sonoma, is being changed forever by the carpet bagging likes of billionaire property grabbers like the Mattsons and now the newest threat on the block: Pacaso, a property investment company with ties to Zillow. Pacaso has found a way to seemingly beat VRBO regs by buying residential property at inflated prices and turning them into fractionalized timeshares. This is happening here in Sonoma and underway in Napa County. Residential neighborhoods with a timeshare in their midst face the noise, traffic congestion, parking space encroachment and the coming and going of caterers, event rental deliveries, etc., as timeshare owners occupy and celebrate in their little piece of real estate. And now if the prospect of the timeshare nightmare isn’t enough, we learn that owners may be able to rent out their share to a never-ending stream of vacationers!

The timeshare threat isn’t a one-time or isolated event. Your neighborhood could be next. We need to act now! Go to Voice your indignance to Supervisor Susan Gorin.

Jude Cassel Williams