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77.77 Endgame
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77.77 Endgame

1586. It doesn’t really end until it ends.  I will begin a new gong on June 1st and proceed until my birthday.

1587. Whatever you do to achieve a goal becomes your lifestyle. The goal is the dessert, the 1% reward from your efforts, but there is the 99% that you must continually do to maintain the goal. Are you ready to labor and obsess over trivial activities so that you can reach your “dreams”? Because that’s the price you must pay when you set goals. You’re trained in the West to believe that things are “worth it in the end,” but most of the time it’s not. The goal is a way to keep you busy and distracted.

As I mentioned before, the best goal is one where you enjoy the entire process. Merely craving the end goal will not be enough. A lot of men want to get laid with beautiful women, but they can’t maintain continuous effort of hunting for them on the streets or bars. A lot of men want big muscles, but they can’t maintain a continuous program of working out in the gym or watching their diet. If these men set goals around sex or muscles, they will fail. I have a goal to finish books, and since I like the process of writing, my goal is an inevitable conclusion of what I like doing, which means I’m likely to succeed.”

“A man with multiple goals is stretched too thin, because all of his energy and willpower is being used to maintain multiple lifestyles. He thinks the more goals the better, because then he will reach his potential and enjoy the fruits of life, but those fruits are such a tiny percentage of his overall goal work that he’s slowly burning himself out doing things he doesn’t feel passionate about. Set a goal, but understand what lifestyle you’ll be forced to inherit while you try to achieve it.”


1588. Get The Hang Of Going Vegan

If you are an adult, you have contemplated going vegetarian, or even vegan, at least once in your life. You would feel great. Drop a few pounds. Be better to your meat eating friends.

A great many healthcare professionals will tell you to take it slow. I don’t.

Instead of struggling to cut animal products out of your diet, crowd them out. Search out enjoyable new vegan foods. Every time you find a great new vegan food that you like, push the animal-based foods you are still eating more to the fringe. The more vegan foods you try, the more foods you’ll like, and the easier it will become to choose vegan in most cases.

The vegan diet is starting to be more and more common, with people removing animal products for environmental, ethical, and health reasons. Is veganism a personal or moral decision?

The word vegan means cutting out every item of animal origin. Vegan refers to anything that’s 100% free of animal products: no meat, milk, eggs, wool, leather, honey and so forth.

The more vegan foods you try out, the easier it will be to stick with a plant-only diet. Nearly every long-term vegan you’ll meet will tell you that the switch turned out to be far easier than they anticipated.

Protein surfaces as a fear. While we all tend to place emphasis on getting enough protein, the truth is, most Americans aren’t under-consuming this nutrient.

Back in the 60s, Frances Moore Lappe wrote Diet for a Small Planet. She undoubtedly went over the edge on food pairing for protein concerns to quiet the carnivores. I used her plan for more than 1 year in the 70s.

It’s not necessary to merge different plant proteins during the same meal (for example, by having beans and rice, or peanut butter on whole wheat toast). I have to keep an eye on heavy carbs like these for diabetes, but some form of beans and rice is how most of the world’s people get their protein requirements met.

B12 is something that every vegan ought to supplement. Fortified soymilk is a good option. Don’t believe the myth that you can get it well enough from the dirt in vegetables.

The only reliable vegan sources of B12 are foods enriched with B12 (including plant/nut milks, some soy products, and some breakfast cereals) and B12 supplements. Vitamin B12, whether in supplements, fortified foods, or animal products, comes from microorganisms.

Luckily, vitamin B12 is fortified in many vegan foods such as certain plant-based milks, breakfast cereals, and soy products. There are also vegan vitamin B12 supplements that can be taken to make up for the gap of B12 sources in the diet. The key is incorporating those fortified foods on a regular basis, or using a vitamin supplement if needed.

There are actually only a handful of nutrients you need to know about — the biggest ones being B12, Vitamin D, Omega 3s. If you’re eating a lot of veggies, lots of other whole foods, you’ll probably do better than most people on the rest of required nutrients.

Even athletes, who have particular protein needs, can meet their quota by choosing a variety of plant protein sources, according to a recent study.

A study published in 2009 also found that diabetics who followed a vegan diet exhibited greater improvements in blood glucose control, and some were even able to reduce their diabetic medications. I’m going for total elimination.

As a vegan, your carbon footprint will drop greatly. Carbon emissions of animal agriculture is greater than the transportation industry, and is probably the biggest sources of carbon emissions in most people’s lives. It’s been said that you can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. For most people, the environmental reason for veganism is just a bonus, not the main driving reason they stay vegan.

Food has healing qualities, and the foods emphasized on a well-designed vegan menu are linked to improvements in blood pressure, reductions in heart disease, and a lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

While you may lose weight on a vegan plan, it’s not a guarantee. Vegan does not always mean low calorie. You still need to eat well. Filling your plate with fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains should leave little space for less nutritious "food products." Cutting out certain processed options may make your diet lower in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar.

Don’t hurt animals . This is the top reason people stay vegan over the long run. It’s emotional. Most people love animals, and the idea of killing them for pleasure can be stressful for many of us. There’s no good reason to eat animals other than pleasure, as we can be perfectly healthy on a vegan diet. Why do we love and protect dogs and cats but not pigs and cows?

Then I ran into a YouTube Video “ - Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky” that changed my opinion. He’s out there, and SJWs have given him shit over the years, but it made me think.

Animal rights activists go even further. No furs. No leather belts or shoes. No matter how humane the animals were raised and slaughtered, they don’t want to die.

I am not going to preach to you. I cannot control what you think or do, only share my experiences. I can contribute to the ecosystem of the planet by going vegan, but that’s not my purpose.

There's a plant-based alternative for almost every type of food you can think of, so you don't have to miss out on any of your favourite foods. I will eat substitutes on occasion, but I prefer real foods and not frankenfoods.

As Jordan Peterson and others have said, make your own bed before you go out and try to change the world.

If you don’t want to go all in, or if for some reason you are stuck in a situation where you don’t control your diet (like prison), do what you can.

When done right, adopting a "part-time" vegan diet can increase the plant foods in your diet while decreasing animal products high in saturated fat. Emphasizing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes force you to rethink the way you fill your plate.

Although several variations of the vegan diet exist, most scientific research rarely differentiates between different types of vegan diets. The most common include:

Whole-food vegan diet:

Eat exclusively plants, choosing those that are as unprocessed as possible. Most experts will tell you that you don’t have to count calories or focus on macronutrients at all. Whole, unprocessed plant-based foods are nutrient dense and contain a lot of fiber which helps you fill up without consuming too many calories.

Raw-food vegan diet:

A vegan diet based on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds or plant foods cooked at temperatures below 118°F (48°C).

Proponents of a raw food diet claim that there are many benefits to eating raw foods, including weight loss, more energy, clear skin, improved digestion and improved overall health. I believe that’s true, but for me, 100% raw food is hard to stomach (pardon the pun).


The 80/10/10 diet is a raw-food vegan diet that limits fat-rich plants such as nuts and avocados and relies mainly on raw fruits and soft greens instead. Also referred to as the low-fat, raw-food vegan diet or fruitarian diet. This is basically what the vegan diet gurus like Greger, Pritikin, McDougall, Barnard, and others recommend.

Regarding protein, it’s almost impossible to not get enough protein, even when you eat a vegan diet. The WHO and US National Academies Institute of Medicine recommend that around 10% of our daily calories should be coming from protein.

The Starch Solution:

Dr. John McDougall’s successful program is best described as a starch-based diet with the addition of fruits and vegetables. He observed the effects of nutrition on the body during his years as a doctor on the big island of Hawaii. He could see older generations thriving on a starch-based diet while children and grandchildren got fatter and sicker on a Westernized diet based on animal products.

Raw till 4 (or 6):

Raw Till 4 literally means you eat a raw diet of fruits and veggies until four p.m. After four, dinner time, in other words, you can eat cooked foods. Breakfast and lunch are based mainly on fruits like bananas, dates, and mangos, while the cooked foods should include rice, potatoes, and vegetables. One main appeal of the Raw Till 4 diet is good digestion from tons of fiber as well as proper consumption order of raw and cooked foods. Raw Till 4 promotes a volume dense and high-calorie diet, which many people like in order to feel satiated.

Junk-food vegan diet:

People who eat a junky vegan diet are usually ethical vegans who didn’t come to this lifestyle due to health reasons, but due to animals or the environment. They typically don’t care so much about what they eat as long as it doesn’t come from animals.

Keep reminding yourself of the reasons you've chosen a vegan lifestyle, and the benefits you've felt since going vegan. You'll probably find going vegan a lot easier than expected. If you do have a bad day, or feel this whole vegan thing is too much like hard work, take a deep breath and reflect on your choices.

You could locate your nearest animal sanctuary. Spending time with animals who are traditionally farmed and getting to know their wonderful personalities is a great way to reaffirm your commitment to veganism.

Animal production requires water and crops for the animals, and transportation of the animals and products. It also produces methane - a destructive greenhouse gas - from cattle. The need for grain to feed animals for slaughter contributes to deforestation as well.

If you believe in yourself, vegan living will soon become second nature. There is always a better reason to stick with your decision than to go against it. If you're having issues with friends or family, don't give up.

Make sure that you do things along the way that remind you of the joy of vegan living, and take it one day at a time. You've chosen an amazing, exciting and profound way to live your life – be sure to enjoy it.

Despite your reason for going vegan - health, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, animal rights, or the environment - all components of your life and the lives of your fellow human beings will be advanced. Oh, and the animals who are not being killed will be thankful too.

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1588. Quick Handbook: Mail Order Brides

Why Introvert Boomer Males Need Mail Order Brides

1. The concept of mail order brides is one that has been around for decades but with the advancement of the Internet the term has become outdated. While the name may not be entirely accurate any longer, it is still a practise that is around today and offers a great number of benefits to certain individuals looking for a wife.

2. Compared to the US, women in Russia/Europe have a much richer and refined intellectual life, are more cultured, higher educated, have a broader knowledge of the world, and speak many more languages. Most of them speak between 2 and 5 languages (like Melania Trump), while most American women speak only their own.

3. The mentality and culture of “feminism” that has taken over America has made it the most unfeminine place in the world. What American feminists don’t realize is that in most of the rest of the world, both male and female, does NOT envy their feminism, but in fact despise it, finding it unnatural and distasteful. Women abroad are free to express their feminine side.

4. It does not feel like walking on eggshells when you are around them. They generally appreciate what you do for them instead of having the “what have you done for me lately” attitude.

5. Finding a bride in this way puts a lot less strain and pressure on you than conventional dating does. Getting to know someone initially online is greatly advantageous to many people. It allows you to casually chat with a number of people at one time without the expense, time and hassle wasted on numerous first dates in an attempt to find the right person.

6. If you want a new family, you can have a chance to get it right. The vast majority of younger women will want children.

7. They are marriage-minded with traditional values. Many American men state they are looking for old fashioned values in a spouse. There are many foreign cultures with traditional values where many women are still marriage-minded, such as China, Latin America, Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine. They dream of having a husband and family. They seek fulfillment in finding a good man, and provide love, support and companionship to their partner, which makes them good marriage material.

8. Foreign brides are usually thin or not overweight. Being overweight is less common in foreign countries, especially in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. As such, females abroad are healthier and slimmer - there is no obesity epidemic.

9. They are more tolerant of age differences. In certain cultures such as Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, and SE Asia, women do not mind big age differences with their partner. In fact, some actually see older men as more mature and financially stable, and therefore more trustworthy and better husband material. This is good news for older men seeking foreign partners.

10. Most people think that foreign brides are desperate women who want nothing more than to marry an American to get the hell out of her home country and start a new life. But this is almost always incorrect. Countries like Russia have a man shortage making finding a suitable husband difficult.

11. Foreign women are generally more down-to-earth, authentic, and natural in personality and attitude. You do not need any artificial "game" or PUA techniques to meet or date them. All you have to do is be yourself, as long as you are sincere, decent, down-to-earth, kind and especially charming. Deep down, every normal male prefers women who are feminine and down-to-earth.

12. The advantages of having mail order women as a wife is that two different cultures can come together sharing a single bond of love and happiness for life. It is a very spectacular and heartwarming experience for all countries that matrimonial services are now bringing the world closer.

13. Some women have never married, but some are <a href="">widows</a>, divorcées or single moms. They act more mature at an earlier age. This is especially true if they are from an economically challenged country, where they have to become more responsible at an earlier age rather than spoiled.

14. At least two types of “international marriage agencies” exist. The first type sells female contact information and encourages men and women to correspond prior to meeting. Correspondence of this type will drain your bank account and is not recommended, and will likely lead to your being scammed.

15. The second type offers group “romance tours” for men who want to travel around a foreign country and meet hundreds of women at social events organized by the agency. If you have never been to that country before, it can be a good introduction while leaving the logistics to others.

16. Women abroad face their own risks. Being a mail order bride can be very dangerous. There are at least four famous cases of American men brutally murdering their mail order brides.

17. Scams pop up every now and then, but most legitimate websites offer exclusive members who prove to be great individuals helping men settle down and have happy marriages. Not all mail order women are con artists.

18. Mail order brides provide a great way to meet people with whom you have a genuine connection and who can provide you with some warm and loving companionship. Anyone who has been alone for a long period of time will appreciate sharing your life and home with someone in a romantic relationship. You can create memories together, build a life, and share special moments.

19. Before any contact with the women, you can eliminate any inappropriate choices by age, beauty, marital status, children, and any other number of factors. A major advantage of better agencies over the plethora of online dating websites you can find on the Internet, is that every profile is verified and authentic.

20. You can be as picky and demanding as you want. If you are going to spend a fair amount of money on finding a foreign bride, good enough is not good enough. Go for the perfect match.

21. Before you begin any communication, know typical scams to avoid. You can get our free report here:

22. With all the many mail order bride agencies present on the Internet, there is a chance that you will fall victim to a scam. Scam agencies can show photos of females that are stolen from the Internet and pretend they are mail order brides. They require you to pay large amounts of money for their services and once they milk you of your money, you will never hear from them again.

23. FATCA is making it difficult for Americans to open bank accounts or do business abroad. A foreign wife could be a good way to do business anywhere in the world.

24. I believe the future for many IBMs will be as “mail order husbands”. Restrictions on our financial freedoms, the high cost of health care, and the need for low cost personal assistants in our old age make retiring with a new bride in another country a near utopia.

A mail order bride can be the wife you've always been looking for. She can be submissive and have your happiness as her main focus, but she can also be out for your money or looking to escape her current life. Go in with eyes wide open.

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