Chorale 2018-2019

 Mount Pleasant High School

 Mrs.Kelly Hanson ◆ (302) 762-7125 ◆

Chorale is an auditioned choir for advanced singers with a common goal of creating meaningful musical experiences and performances, both for ourselves and our audiences. Due to the complexity and quantity of music being performed, a higher level of commitment is required from all members. Being a smaller ensemble, it is an imperative that all singers are able to perform their parts accurately as well as independently. Members of this ensemble will further their knowledge of healthy vocal production, music theory, and improve their overall musicianship.

Objectives/Purpose:Through this course students will gain an appreciation and understanding of:

Grading: Each marking period grades will be determined through the following:

**Make-ups are permitted if and only if you are absent with acceptable & verifiable excuse & parent/guardian note submitted within a week. Make-ups must be completed no later than two days AFTER the student returns, unless more time is granted. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange the make-up. The make-up will be graded based on the student’s knowledge and ability to perform the music completely and accurately,  in the manner the piece was performed in the concert.  Acceptable excuses are illness, emergency, or other conflict approved by Mrs. Hanson in advance. Work/job is not an acceptable excuse. Tell your employer your performance dates now. Lack of transportation is not an acceptable excuse. Plan ahead, and make transportation arrangements.

Classroom Expectations: 

Materials provided: individual choral works, sight-singing material, and a tuxedo or choral dress (after fee is paid). Students are financially responsible for any materials that are not returned in reusable condition at year’s end.

 Materials YOU will provide: a black folder, and a pencil daily. Every choir member also must provide a $10 cleaning fee (check made payable to Mt. Pleasant Choral Association), which covers end of the year uniform cleaning. You will not receive your uniform until the $10 fee is paid in full.

Miscellaneous IMPORTANT info:

Communication: Grades and attendance will be posted regularly to eSchool. Additional communications will be sent through the eSchool email option. Parents/Guardians AND students are encouraged to make sure that their correct email is listed. Information will also be posted on the MPHS Music website ( Occasionally, Mrs. Hanson will send text communications using Remind. To subscribe to text updates, text  @chmphs to the number 81010. The fastest and easiest way to communicate with Mrs. Hanson is to see her before or after class, or before or after school. If that is not possible, email is the preferred method as you will be answered quickly (

Fundraisers: Fundraisers enable us to travel, sponsor All-State musicians, offer scholarships, maintain uniforms, etc. Concert Choir members should participate in at least one fundraiser to contribute to the general fund, which benefits all chorus endeavors. A record is kept of each student’s account earnings. Accounts are to be used for trips only. If you drop out of chorus, your money reverts back to the general fund; i.e., your account will not be held for you or refunded to you if you are not in choir.

Concert Attire: A choral uniform (choral dress or tuxedo) is provided. Women will need black dress shoes (no sandals), preferably flats. If pantyhose are worn, they must be flesh-colored. Men will need a tuxedo shirt (not issued), black dress shoes, and black socks. Hair should be out of the face, and jewelry should be minimal. If you are out of uniform, you will not perform! All uniforms are collected at the end of the year and are taken to the dry cleaner. Even if you plan to continue in the choral program the following year, you are required to return all issued uniform pieces in good condition by the last day of finals. Failure to do so will result in a written obligation and must be processed through the main office over the summer.

Performances: See the Choir Performance Calendar (handout) or the website for all performances. Performances will require your evening and weekend participation, and occasionally missing class. All Concert Choir performances are mandatory.

CHARMS: All choir students will receive account information for Charms in class. Students are encouraged to share their account username AND password with parents/guardians so that parents/guardians can monitor financial obligations. Charms will be used to record any payments made to Mt. Pleasant Choral Association for field trips and fundraisers. Charms will also be used to record uniform assignments and individual pieces of choral music issued to each student. Students should be diligent in checking their own accounts to ensure that they are accurate. Any pieces of music or uniforms not returned by the end of the school year will be recorded through Charms and will result in a fee to replace the missing items. Just as other classes charge for unreturned textbooks, pieces of music will now be tracked to ensure that everything is returned in good condition.

Required Performances

10/13/18        Homecoming (SSB performance, combined choirs)

10/17/18        Fall Choral Concert

10/27/18        Home football game (SSB)

12/17/18        Winter Concert

1/9/19                BSD Choral Festival (during school)

2/6/19                Tri-M Concert (for those who are members of Tri-M)

2/13/19        Spring Variety Show

4/11-4/14        Spring Music Dept Trip

5/1/19                Spring Choral Concert

6/2/19                Graduation