Olympus Wrestling

Team website: www.olympuswrestling.com  

Parents, thank you for your support! We have a very exciting season ahead and I hope that you find it enjoyable. Here are a few items for you to know about the season.

Cost: All fees are payable to Julena Averett through www.shopolympushigh.com. If necessary you can pay at the school bookstore. Parents of Freshmen will need to create a login on the website, first.

Mandatory Fees:

  1. Transportation Fee: $70
  2. Team Equipment Fee: $150

Optional Fees: Please notify Coach Ashcroft by 11/16 if your wrestler plans to attend either or both of events below.

  1. Reno Tournament of Champions
  1. December 20-23
  2. Cost: $372.80/ wrestler (food not included)
  3. Leave right after school on 12/20
  4. Return home on the morning of 12/23
  5. 2018 State Qualifiers should attend.
  6. LeBus ride to Reno.
  7. We are staying at the Circus Circus Hotel and Resort.
  8. Parents are welcome to book a hotel room and ride on the bus with the team.
  1. Richardson Memorial at Box Elder High School in Brigham City, UT.
  1. January 4-5
  2. Cost: $66.67/wrestler (food not included)
  3. Top 2 from every weight class should attend.
  4. Leave at 10:00 AM on January 4th.
  5. Return home on January 5 at the conclusion of the tournament around 7:00 PM.
  6. Parents are needed on January 4 to take wrestlers from the high school to the hotel at the conclusion of wrestling. Parents needed to help take wrestlers back to the school for weigh-ins in January 5.
  7. Parents are welcome to stay at the hotel with wrestlers. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Brigham City.

Team Rules

  1. Attend all practices
  1. Wrestlers may lose a varsity or JV spot on the team if they miss practices.
  2. If you need to miss notify Coach Ashcroft.
  1. Attend all required events
  1. Attend all duals and stay to the end of the dual. Especially Region VII duals.
  2. Ride on the bus to and from duals.
  3. Do parents want to take wrestlers home from tournaments? If so I will not schedule bus rides home.
  1. Be respectful
  1. Do your homework, in class if you can.
  2. Be attentive and pay attention in classes.
  3. Be respectful of each other, especially female members of the team. Includes managers.
  4. Be respectful to your families.
  1. Be healthy
  1. Shower as soon as possible.
  1. Use products that help heal dry skin.
  2. Look for possible skin  lesions and start treatment ASAP.
  3. Report “skin funk” to Coach Ashcroft.
  4. Have a doctor complete the attached skin lesion form.
  1. Take care of your skin.
  1. Use lotion
  1. Eat healthy
  2. Sleep by 10:30 PM
  1. No Swearing
  1. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. (James 3:2)


  1. Practice schedule: 2:45-5:00
  1. We will try to get out earlier, when possible.
  2. Everyday except Sundays and days that we don't have other events.
  3. Learn wrestling through modeling. Less talk, get in, get done, get home.


  1. Keep track of your assigned gear.
  1. Gear that is assigned out to your wrestler will be billed to you at the end of the season.
  2. Don't let other wrestlers borrow your gear.
  1. Wash and return your gear by Feb. 21

4A Athletics

1.        See you counselor to get the course added.

Concerns: Talk to Coach Ashcroft (801-599-1057; djashcroft@graniteschools.org)



Weight management is an important aspect of wrestling and wrestlers will be encouraged to get to a competitive weight. All weight class decisions will be made between parents, coaches, and athletes with the health of the athlete as the main deciding factor. Under no circumstances is it ok for a wrestler to starve themselves, use plastics or do anything to quickly lose excessive amounts of weight to make weight. Appropriate dieting strategies should be followed and are required for all wrestlers regardless of whether they are managing their weight. Please see the attached guide for tips on eating healthily. Basic dieting strategies are as follows:

  1. Eat a well sized and nutritiously balanced breakfast
  2. Snack(Healthy) throughout the day
  3. Drink lots of water (Approximately 40 ounces/day)
  4. Eat a nutritious lunch
  5. Eat right after practices ends
  6. Eat a nutritious dinner