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May 27 2018 2025 GMT
Koenig to Feuer’s Supervising Law Partner Jerald Rosenbloom Esq

Started November 30 2017 1901 GMT [version delivered 21 Jan 18]

Jerald Rosenbloom Esq
Rosenbloom & Hofflich
15 Maiden Lane Suite 600
New York NY 10038


Fred L Seeman Esq

32 Broadway - Suite 1214

New York NY 10004


fax:    +1.212.385.8161 

Dear Mr Rosenbloom:

Thank you for taking my ~November 30 2017 call.

Rosenbloom & Hofflich’s Michael Seth Feuer and a Milstein Organization employee Stephen A Rossi prepared a fraudulent brief which misled the court as to the essential facts which grounded a dispute centering on a steam pipe explosion at 55 Liberty Street # 17C.

After the great Douglas Elliman fraud, the Millstein Organization took over management of 55 Liberty Street for a short period.  It is noteworthy that Robert J Phillips, the 55 Liberty Street gatekeeper for Douglas Elliman’s multi-million $ pay-to-play fraud was about to be fired and go to jail while all this was going on.

Through design error and management sloth - 55 Liberty Owners Corp, unbeknownst to my family, had failed to install one of these to behind-the-wall connect our radiator to the West-Central  steam pipe riser which passed upwards by the 17th floor.

Series 100 Stainless Steel Flexonic Hose

Actually - it was Robert J Phillips, Michael Seth Feuer’s affiant, who had failed to install this $50 part - which would have conclusively averted the steam pipe explosion.

There had been a steam pipe explosion and my family was 100% insured for our inescapable duty to repair the extensive damage ($25,000 to $50,000) to the leasehold.

Our homeowners policy [Form HO-84R] and our $3 million wrap-around umbrella policy, issued through the unincorporated insurance syndicate known as USAA, covered our entire duty to restore our leasehold.

Michael Seth Feuer knew that.

The crime that Michael Seth Feuer and Milstein Group’s Steven A Rossi is rendered even more tragic that criminal Michael Seth Feuer didn’t draft and send along a simple one paragraph letter demanding that we meet the terms of our proprietary lease and restore the leasehold from the damage caused by the steam pipe explosion.

Rosenbloom & Hofflich’s Michael Seth Feuer also knew that his two points of contact with 55 Liberty Street:

Robert J Phillips
Building Superintendent
55 Liberty Street

Stephan A Rossi
Millstein Group

were both intimately acquainted with the origins of steam pipe explosion which was laid in 55 Liberty’s own contract engineer report.

And so on and so on .  .  .  

Had 55 Liberty Owners Corp and

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
212.203.9712 (cell + sms/mms + FaceTime)


Elizabeth P Dominguez [Nestor D Dominguez]
55 Liberty Owners Corp.
c/o J. C. Klein, Inc.
3 Hanover Square - Suite 15G
New York, NY 10004

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