New Member!

You’re a member of Greensboro’s community makerspace!  That is so cool!  What does that mean for you?

Being an active part of our community is important and encouraged.  Our makerspace was founded on volunteerism and perpetuated by the community norms that we all abide by.  Here are a few to always keep in mind:

Community Structure

We are a 501(3)c nonprofit makerspace that thrives on volunteerism and our overarching sense of community.  With that sentiment in mind, we have developed our simple, hierarchical community structure.

Each shop at the Forge has at least one Shop Lead or Shop Mentor.  Shop Leads are paid staff that use their career experience and creativity to better their shops.  Mentos are volunteers who offer up their expertise and time to the Forge to maintain operations and safety requirements.  Leads & Mentors have their own set of responsibilities to their shop and to the Forge:

What are Shop Hours?

Shop hours are a tool for members to utilize the expertise of the Shop Leads & Mentors in a less formal way than an orientation or class.  Drop in during regularly scheduled times (available on a calendar found in the “Members” tab on our website) and ask for help, troubleshoot a project, take a competency test to get cleared on a machine, get more guided practice with a tool, or just have a maker-related therapy session.

Shop Leads & Mentos as of May 2019:

3D Printing:                Josette Mangala - Mentor                Electronics:        Robert Gusek (NCBob) - Mentor

                        Mica Burggraf - Mentor                                Jesse Blanchard - Mentor

Laser:                        Jeff Thomas - Mentor                        Ceramics:        Michael Messer - Mentor

Steve Bird - Mentor                                        Ike Santiago - Mentor

Textiles:                Jennifer Jennette - Mentor

                        Ann Tilley - Mentor

Carl Mize - Mentor

Metal Shop:                Allie Crawford - Shop Lead - alliec@forgegreensboro.org        

Joe Tiska -Mentor

                        Matt Kelly - Mentor

Steve Treson - Mentor (welding)

                        Josie Vogel - Mentor (welding)

Wood Shop:                Adam Joyce - Shop Lead - adamj@forgegreensboro.org        

Casey Ellis - Mentor

Mark Schicker - Mentor

                        Phil Fuentes - Mentor

**Slack is the preferred method of communication with Shop Leads & Mentors**

Additionally, our organization has two administrative employees:

Executive Director:                Joe Rotondi - jrotondi@forgegreensboro.org

Programs Coordinator:        Jennie Savage - jsavage@forgegreensboro.org

Other Important Stuff to Know

Equipment Usage Requirements

We are inclusive of all experience levels, so we require all members to take Shop Orientations for each section at the Forge.  This principle relates back to maintaining your safety by making sure you are properly trained, and making sure the people working around you are properly trained as well.  Section heads will teach you PPE, safety requirements and how to properly use each piece of equipment in the area.  When you’re up to snuff, they will sign off on you and you can come use that section any time!

Orientations are free for members (yay!) and are available through our EventBrite page, via Facebook or our website as well.  While these are free for us, spots are limited to allow for better instruction, so please go through the proper channels to reserve your spot.

What is Slack?

At the Forge, we use Slack for just about everything.  Slack is a workplace management app allows all of our members to communicate with one another.  Think AOL Instant Messenger, but so much better.

Once we get you set up with a Slack account, we will add you into the Forge-o-sphere.  You can immediately start connecting with the rest of our members!  The same Community Norms apply in Slack, so keep it respectful, but have fun!

Slack is a great way to skill swap, inquire about equipment, share pictures of what you’re working on, or just try out a joke.  Each area of the Forge has its own #channel on Slack, as well as a couple others like #random or #makergals, so you can communicate with a smaller subsection of members.  You can also direct message members as well! (if you are a maker that accepts commissions or jobs, consider joining #makergigs)

We recommend getting the Slack app for your smartphone, but you can always use the it via the web.

What is Booked Calendar?

The Booked Calendar is a tool we use to reserve equipment within the space.  Currently, we are using the Booked Calendar for our more heavily trafficked areas or machines.

To access the Booked Calendar, go to the member dropdown on the menu on the Forge homepage (www.forgegreensboro.org).  Select Resource Bookings, log-in (create a log-in on your first visit), then check out what is available!  If you choose Schedule from the top menu then Bookings from the submenu, you can see what is reserved and when from now until forever!  Select blocks of time for the item you need; you can also reserve our conference room!