Are you about to take your first OWL online test? This video will help you get started.  The first thing to do is make sure your computer is ready. Close any open programs and close all your internet windows. Now restart your browser so you have a new session. There should only be one tab open.




Now you're ready to log into OWL.  In most cases, once you log in your activity will automatically start. If not don't worry just start your test from your current assignments page by clicking here.


When you do this, the browser may ask to share your microphone. If you see this message and if this permission box does not pop up automatically, you can just click on this microphone select the correct device. Then you will need to click allow to continue.

This step is only for oral response tests. So if you don't see this don't worry, it just means you're taking a different type of test.




Okay before your test session begins, we might need to make sure that your microphone and speakers work. So you may see one of these system check pages. If you see this page you must perform the task before you can move forward with the test. Here you are asked to record a small sample of speech with your microphone, then play it back with your speakers.


There is another kind of system check you might see and it looks like this. This is for a test where you are listening but not speaking. With this system check you just have to click the play and make sure you hear the lady speaking.

And don't worry if you don't see any of these system check pages. It just means your test does not require you to do any listening or speaking. When you have completed a successful system check the button will be active and you will be able to move forward by clicking system check complete.




Next you will see your test directions. The person who wrote your test is providing you this information so you will know what to expect. If there's a recorded message for you you can play it by clicking here.

Please listen and read these instructions carefully before you click the start test button. In most cases you will not be able to go back.




That's all there is to starting your OWL online test. If you will be recording oral responses, you may want to watch the quick video on how to complete an oral response item. Thank you for watching and good luck with your test.