Prince of Wales Collegiate

School Council Meeting Agenda

April 12, 2018, 430pm- 6pm

Present: Hugo McCarthy, Lauren Tschaja, Sherry Hopkins, Lynette Samuelson, Janet
Bartlett, Tanya Jarvis Sala, Carla Roberts, Roger Butler

  1. Welcome and Acceptance of Minutes of last meeting.

Minutes accepted. Moved Janet Bartlett, seconded Sherry Hopkins.

  1. Standing Business
  1. Principals School Update
  1. School Development Plan Update

There is a Professional Development day scheduled for May 11. The New York trip went smoothly with very positive feedback from both students and teacher/chaperones. New lockers have been installed and look very good. A film company has requested the use of our building, details are being discussed. PWC is hosting the East Coast Grade 10 Girls Basketball Championships on April 13, 14 and 15 and the Grade 11 Girls Tournament will be held from April 27 to 29. PWC students had a successful experience with Drama Fest. The Principals List Committee has been formed and a meeting will occur in the coming weeks.

Prom will is scheduled to be held at the Remax Center on April 11 and ticket prices will be $60.00 each.

  1. Student Council Update

Semi Formal was a success. Following Semi there were some minor spirit day events such as PWC Clothing Day, Twin Day, Retro Wednesday and Wacky Tourist Day. Planning is underway for an Arts week, Sports week, and school clean up. Student Council is hoping for a second blood drive. Student Council Elections for next year will be held on May 21st for the President and Vice President positions and May 25th for all Level Reps. Campaigning will be Math 14 to 18. Still looking at a possible awards assembly. Hoping to hold a talent show in our court yard. Exploring a joint coffee house event with Mt. Pearl’s student council.

  1. Fund Development Committee Update

Met with Ms. d’Entremont regarding a website for PWC Alumni

Also considering applying for grants that may be available.

  1. Prom / Safe Grad /Committee update

  1. Teacher appreciation luncheon  recap (Janet)

The teacher appreciation luncheon was very successful. Teachers greatly appreciated the opportunity to sit with each other and eat and visit. From a parent perspective, holding the luncheon on a professional development day allowed parents to come and go through the school without having students in the halls and also allowed the use of the cafeteria for preparation and serving. If possible, future teacher appreciation lunches will be scheduled to take place during a professional development day.

  1. New Business:

  1. Adjourned