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Ernesto is a writer, graphic designer, photographer and artist, born and raised in Oregon. He exhibited artworks in the Portland area for a handful of years at the turn of the 21st century then took some time off and returned to exhibitions after a seven-year hiatus. Ernesto attended both Willamette University and the Art Institute of Portland in order to hone his fine art skills. Currently, he is concentrating on digital artworks made entirely in a mobile phone environment. His work explores color and repetition, is created by glitching (or remixing) digital photos he has shot, and then curated via social media.

Curriculum Vitae


2004: Art Institute of Portland - Design Management

1998 - 2000: Willamette University - Fine Art, Economics

Group Show: December 2017, Technical Images, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Group Show: December 2014, Scope Miami Beach, Moo+Scope Creativity Squared, Miami Beach, FL

Group Show: February 2007, Captain Ankeny’s Well, Portland,OR

Group Show: April 2005, The Inn @ Northrup Station, Portland, OR

Group Show: November 2004, Student Showcase, Art Institute of Portland
Group Show: December 2003, Gallery Co. 7, Portland, OR

Featured Artist: September 2015, Saveartspace, Brooklyn, NY
Featured Artist: March 2004,

Featured Artist: January 2004, "Light Therapy," Gallery Co. 7, Portland, OR

Public Collections:
Visual Chronicle of Portland, Portland, OR


I look for ways to make plain things beautiful and turn pretty things ugly. I like to take things that are whole, and crack them open, like a geode, to see all the gorgeous crystals inside. There's a flavor of psychedelia in my work, but that is actually Latino salsa you're tasting. I mix my words, pictures, and colors with feelings; that synesthesia is something that my, more linear, artist friends call "the gift to see things that others just can't see." I try to present that to you in a language you can hear; my works are these translations.