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Meeting Coverage Policies (During COVID-19)
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WHCA (Virtual) meeting coverage policies

  1. Anyone can book a meeting

Virtual meeting spaces have been added to WHCA’s inventory for reservation by WHCA volunteer producers, local boards and committees, civic groups, and anyone else in Whitman and/or Hanson who might be interested or in need.  

  1. Hold your meeting anywhere; a WHCA meeting space or one you supply

As long as WHCA is invited into a meeting-space with “adequate notice” we can capture/(re)air it.  At this time WHCA has accounts that can be "reserved" Zoom only.  Capturing other platforms may be possible with additional notice, planning, and experimentation.  WHCA can capture your meeting or work with a recording file you provide via

  1.  “Adequate Notice” is required for WHCA hosted meetings or facility reservations
    For the purpose of WHCA reservations “adequate notice” is defined as 3 business days, but we are also “first come first served”. WHCA has discretion in this, but this time frame is specified in order to ensure we can provide reliable and smooth professional A/V production.

  1. The option to capture (and air live) these meetings may be available. 
    Such reservations may be  made through WHCA’s website.  Typically this is only for Selectmen’s and WHRSD School Committee meetings.

  1. Pre-production testing is required prior to LIVE production events.

WHCA requires that a test meeting be scheduled at least 24 hours before a meeting on any new platform in order to test that platform and get it to air/record without incident.

  1. Be early to the meeting
    WHCA wants to ensure that we have been admitted to the (virtual) room at least 15 minutes before the meeting commences so that we can ensure that the live/record path is configured correctly.  During this time other meeting participants can/should also join then mute their microphones once it’s confirmed they’re working correctly.

  1. Government meeting coverage is “gavel-to-gavel”
    WHCA must record and rebroadcast all meeting coverage from “gavel-to-gavel”.  We can only pause our recording or rebroadcast in official recess periods of the meeting.  Use caution near any open microphone to ensure all private information stays private.

  1. These policies are subject to change
    Due to the fluid and uncertain nature of things during COVID-19 these policies may need to be modified from time to time.  WHCA will keep users up to date on needed changes to any meeting they have scheduled.

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