This is a page called Now that explains what I’m currently doing and my mindset. I took on and expanded the idea from Derek Sivers.

My Intro and perception of you

For you to read this you are likely a personal friend or have researched me well enough that you should reach out. Do email me if you haven’t and let me know what’s going on in your life. I’m interested to find out. If this isn’t you feel free to skip reading the rest.

My current status:

We;ll, I’m currently not as busy as I used to be. It doesn’t mean I have more free time I just feel that no matter how many hours I work or throw at something the effort put into that thing is never going to match what I felt I used to put in. This may mean I’m tired, but it’s my current state.. Of course the keratoconus takes its toll at times and I find myself stuck in a dream state rather than actually working on something.

My current projects are: - My registrar for domains, I partnered recently with EIG and it’s mostly automated, apart from invoicing and customer service which is minimal. - My business I’m currently using to test ideas such as managed hosting, seo reports and business intelligence reports as well as various other services related to helping startups. I even make one page landing pages for ideas for €100. - This is me and my friends website to sell clothing we like, it’s basically old style retro stuff that’s taken from old comics. We are doing a new range of retro gaming clothing and some of it’s on Amazon. I hope you check it out. - Technical advisor and support for this project, it’s a community interest business and we hope one day it’ll be a useful resource. If your interested in helping out let me know. - Personal blog on my issues with hosting, it’s mostly WordPress related and I don’t post as often as I would like. I have quite a few articles written and stored as drafts, but it does become my reminder service. - Another blog I post random articles too, it’s likely where I will share my next posts and I enjoy writing in Medium. I’ve recently become a member, and if you have any ideas to write about let me know. - Not mine but a friend and I wanted to bring it to your attention if you read this far. I do help edit the articles and make them presentable on Medium. His in-depth look at topics and questions is unlike any other in these times. - My business website that doesn’t get updated often purely because it’s just a point of contact for anything I may be interested in at the time and currently helping out on. I tend to stay within a specific set of problems but it’s hard to put these into words. If our paths cross and I can help you use this site to contact me. - This was a blog on good email design and it’s recently moved towards notification design as I feel it’s the future. I believe we have to craft our messages across platforms to make sense to our customers and for it to stay personal and useful. If you want to help out with this or send me some ideas I’d love to hear from you.

Other ideas… I’m sure I have many other weekend startup ideas in the works, I’m often working on client websites and fun projects with friends and family so I’ll try to just tag the domains when I remember.

Currently my brothers business comes to mind:

My friends store which I designed and built -

What am I currently good at:

Currently I think I’m good at jumping between tasks and reacting in the moment to problems. I try to be reliable and responsible for things that I manage but my sleep patterns and productivity schedule often put pay to that. If I ever miss something do let me know. So to summarize.

What do I suck at:

This is my summary

If you read this far I want to hear from you, write an email or even better a NOW page of your own and share it with me so I can keep track of what's going on in your life.