NLGAMES 2020 Bay Roberts

Technical Packages for the NLGames are developed by the Provincial Sport Organization governing each respective sport. Questions should be directed to the Technical Chairperson as noted in Section 1 below or to the SportNL Games Coordinator Stephanie Fowler by email or phone 709-576-3397.


George Stanoev, Technical Director, NLAA

P.O. Box 3202, Paradise, NL A1L 3W4

(709) 576-1303

Special Olympics

Mike Daly, Program Director

Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador

87 Elizabeth Avenue

St. John’s NL A1B 1R6

(709) 738-1923 phone

(709) 738-0119 fax 

Para Athletes

Margaret Tibbo

(709) 691-0973 

2.        CONVENER



All team members and staff must be registered members of the NLAA as of July 20, 2020.

All athletes must be in compliance with regulations governing regional eligibility as per NLGames Policy in Section 16 of this Technical Package.


U18:        Born 2003 through 2006 (age 14 - 17 as of Dec 31 2020)

Special Olympics:        Born 1999 through 2006 (age 14 - 21 as of Dec 31, 2020)

Para Athletics:        Born 1999 through 2006 (age 14 - 21 as of Dec 31, 2020)


5.1        ATHLETES

Female Team

12 athletes + 1 athlete from Special Olympics and 1 Para Athlete.

Male Team

12 athletes + 1 athlete from Special Olympics and 1 Para Athlete.


Regional teams are permitted to carry a maximum of four staff; at least one of whom is designated as a coach and trained in NCCP Sport Coach or Level 1 Technical in Athletics.

There must be at least one female staff for every 8 female athletes. If there are more than 8 female athletes, teams are permitted to carry an extra female coach/manager.

There must be at least one male staff for every 8 male athletes. If there are more than 8 male athletes, teams are permitted to carry an extra male coach/manager.

Each Special Olympic or Para Athlete is permitted to have an attendant. The attendant must be the same gender as the athlete, although exceptions will be considered upon request and based on the ability of the Host to accommodate.


All coaches, managers and attendants must be at least 19 years of age as of December 31, 2020.  Staff designated as coaches must be trained to at least NCCP Sport Coach or Level 1 Technical in Athletics. The NLAA will determine the process for the selection of coaches and managers. The process will be communicated to the Regional Coordinator for each region before the regional qualifier.

Attendants are subject to approval by the governing body (Special Olympics or Para), the PSO, and Sport NL.


For information, please contact Regional Contacts as per Section 8.


  1. St. John’s North - Mark Miller: 
  2. Mount Pearl South - Gerard Power: 
  3. Avalon - TBA
  4. Eastern - Gordon Brockerville:
  5. Central – TBA
  6. Western - Rosie Ryan:
  7. Labrador - Trevor Paine:
  8. Host - TBA


Each regional team must be registered with the Host by July 31, 2020, through an online registration system that will be provided by the Host.


One coach or staff representative from each region and each sport is required to attend the following meetings in the Host region at the commencement of the NLGames:

  1. Coach / Manager General Meeting - date, time and location to be confirmed

Chaired by SportNL and including brief presentations from the Host Committee - will cover logistical information on transportation, accommodations, food services, entertainment, venues, etc.

  1. Sport Technical Meeting - date, time and location to be confirmed

Chaired by the Technical Chair of your sport - will cover sport-specific technical information for your competition.

11.        SANCTION

The athletics competition is sanctioned by the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association (NLAA).  The rules for this competition will be governed by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) 2020-2021 rules and variations as per Athletics Canada and NLAA rules.

12.        SCHEDULE

Final schedules will be posted on in early August after regional teams are selected and registration is completed.

13.        VENUE

To be determined

14.        MEDALS

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented in each event to the first, second and third place individual finishers and relay teams by gender in the Youth, Special Olympics and Para (2 classes - Standing and Sitting) categories.


15.1        Competition Categories for Boys and Girls

  (An athlete can only compete in one category):

  1. U18;
  2. Para (standing and sitting)
  3. Special Olympics

15.2        Competition Events for Boys and Girls:

  1. U18:

*Integrated relay includes 1 SO athlete and/or 1 para-athlete, and 2 or 3 youth athletes. The 4x100m IR does not score points.

  1. Para Events (2 classes - Standing and Sitting):

  1. Special Olympics:

15.3        Equipment

Implements will be made available by the Organizing Committee. Personal throwing implements will also be allowed and must be checked-in prior to the event.

15.4        Bib Numbers

Each athlete will receive a bib number. All athletes must wear their bib number on their chest. Bib numbers will be distributed during the technical meeting.

15.5        High Jump Opening Height & Height Progressions

15.6        Point System

In the individual events there are 16 scoring positions, with points awarded for 1st through 16th position as follows:

1st place -> 20pts

2nd place -> 17 pts

3rd place -> 15 pts

4th place -> 13 pts

5th place -> 12 pts

6th place -> 11 pts

7th place -> 10 pts

8th place -> 9 pts

9th place -> 8 pts

10th place -> 7 pts

11th place -> 6 pts

12th place -> 5 pts

13th place -> 4 pts

14th place -> 3 pts

15th place -> 2 pts

16th place -> 1 pt

For events run in lanes, positions 9 to 16 shall be determined by the order of finish in the "B" final. Qualifiers for the "A" final shall be scored from 1-8 depending upon finish order in the "A" final.

In the relay events there are 8 scoring positions, with points allocated for 1st through 8th as follows:

1st place -> 40 pts

2nd place -> 36 pts

3rd place -> 30 pts

4th place -> 26 pts

5th place -> 24 pts

6th place -> 22 pts

7th place -> 20 pts

8th place -> 18 pts

Athletes and relay teams competing in the qualifying round of track events and in qualifying rounds of field events that do not finish (DNF), are disqualified (DSQ), do not start (DNS), or do not record a valid jump or throw (NH) (NM) shall not score team points. Furthermore, athletes and relay teams that DNF, are DSQ, DNS, NH or NM in events that are contested as a straight final (i.e. no qualifying round is held) shall not score team points.

Athletes who have qualified for the finals will be awarded points since they did rank higher than the athletes who were eliminated in the preliminary rounds. For example, if Athlete X advances to the "A" Final but then gets disqualified, he/she would still be awarded points of the 8th place finisher. If two athletes were to be DSQ in the "A" Final, they would then split the points that would have been awarded to the 7th and 8th place finishers (10+9)/2 = 9.5 pts per competitor.

Furthermore, athletes or relay teams not finishing (DNF), disqualified (DSQ), not starting (DNS) or with no valid jump (NH) do not score in the overall ranking in events with a straight final.

Ties will be resolved according to IAAF rules. In case of a complete tie, the same points will be awarded to both athletes. The next athlete down in the listing will receive points according to the placing that he would have if no tie had taken place. All events are scored, including Special Olympics and Persons with disability (Para), except the 4x100m integrated relay. The integrated relay is a non-scoring event.

15.7        Competition Entries

Each region is allowed to enter up to two (2) athletes per event.  An athlete will be permitted to register for a maximum of three (3) events plus relays.

Online track and field competition registration will open on July 2020 and will close in early August 2020. All entries, seed performances and confirmation, are the responsibility of the athlete and team staff. Entries can be completed by regional coach or manager and should be done for each athlete.

15.8        Competitive Uniform

Regional colours should be worn. (



Sport policies are under review and will be available at when complete.

Athletics Technical Package Bay Roberts 2020  v20190802