2022        Master of Fine Arts, Ohio State University, OH

2018         Bachelors of Fine Arts, Alfred University, NY

2016         Associate of Arts, Reedley College, CA

Professional Experience

2019-PR         GTA(Instructor of records), The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH(Ceramics)

2017-18        Studio Assistant, Walter Mcconnell, Alfred, NY

2015-16        Studio Assistant, David Hicks, DH-Studio, Visalia, CA

Solo Exhibitions

2018        Current Convergence - BFA Thesis, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

2017        Traveling Through Hornell, Canisteo Library, Canisteo, NY

2017        Traveling Through Hornell, Steuben Trust Company, Hornell, NY

Group Exhibitions

2022        this, that, and the other thing, The Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH

2021        Smallworks, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH

2020        Constructed Ceramic, Applied Contemporary, Oakland, CA

2020        24-Hour Drama, Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH

2020        Consummate Love, Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH

2019        Directly Playful, California Building, Minneapolis, MN

2019        Local Alumni Invitational, Cohen Gallery, Alfred, NY

2018        Summer Bodies, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

2018        Dare County Arts Council Ceramic Exhibition, Roanoke Island, NC

2018        Spring Invitational, Pocosin Arts, Columbia, NC

2018        NCECA NSJE, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

2018        Visibility, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

2018        Identity: People, Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH

2017        Intern .net, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

2017        Human adj., Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

2017        Traveling Through Hornell, Hornell Hearing Center, Hornell, NY

2016        Form & Function, Arts Visalia, Visalia, CA

Selected Bibliography

2018        Monthly Ceramics Korea 월간도예, ”Juried Students Exhibition at NCECA 2018”, May

2017        Monthly Ceramics Korea 월간도예, ”BFA 미국 알프레드 대학교 학부 과정”, March

2016        Duncan Ceramics Catalogue, Color Guide 2016

Awards & Recognitions

2021        Greater Columbus Arts Council Support for Professional Artist Grant, Columbus, OH

2018        APEX Grant Applied & Experiential Learning, Alfred, NY

2018        NCECA Undergraduate Reward of Excellence 1st place, Pittsburgh, PA

2017        Watershed Funded Assistantship Program Award, Alfred, NY

2016        Alfred Portfolio Scholarship, Alfred, NY

2016        Outstanding Art Three Dimensional Student, Reedley College, CA

2016        Duncan Ceramics Sponsorship to NCECA 16, Fresno, CA

Selected Collections

2018        Meyerhoff Collection, Baltimore, MD

2016        Duncan Ceramics Collection, Fresno, CA

2016        Reedley College Library Collection, Reedley, CA



2018        ACAW, Boston Valley Terracotta, Orchard Park, New York

2017        Directly Playful, Didem Mert, Watershed, Newcastle, Maine