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Terms and conditions
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Conditions for participation in UniHack:

Principles for project selection and assessment

General conditions

Conditions for participation in UniHack:

  1. Only contestants (hereinafter referred to as ‘Participant’ or ‘Contestant’) who agree to these rules may participate in the competition (hereinafter referred to as ‘UniHack’). In accordance with the legal age set for the Czech Republic, participants must be over 15 years old.
  2. The organizer of UniHack is Insane Business Ideas s.r.o. (hereinafter "CEE Hacks") along with students of CTU in Prague, supported by the capital city of Prague, and UNICO.AI.
  3. UniHack will take place in Czech and will be held online. The event will begin on Friday, March 5, at 3:00 p.m. and end on Sunday, March 7, at 6:00 p.m.
  4. All participants must register via the form on Registration is free.
  5. Teams will be composed of a maximum of five contestants.
  6. Unihack is focused on disrupting the educational system. Three tracks addressing different topics will be available on
  7. Intellectual property rights relating to the outputs from UniHack:
  1. Author works

The Participant hereby grants CEE Hacks, CTU, and UNICO.AI (organizers) any output from Unihack that fulfils the definition of a copyright work within the meaning of the Copyright Act (“Work”) a non-exclusive, indefinite (i.e. for the entire duration of the property rights) licence to all uses of such Work and to an indefinite extent (“Licence”), the Licence being provided free of charge. The Contracting Parties agree to make the Licence available to the Participant as a permanent, non-exclusive and transferable right to use the relevant Work, organizers accepting this right. Organizers are not obliged to use the License. At the same time, the parties have expressly agreed that organizers are authorized to transfer any given License to a third person, or to make it available under one of the standard public licenses (e.g., Creative Commons, GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), European Union Public License (EUPL), Apache License, BSD License, MIT License, etc.). The Accountant undertakes to draw up and consult without delay, at the written invitation of organizers, the necessary documentation for each Licence, together with an express written consent for the transfer of the Licence from organizers to the third person under the same conditions as agreed in this contract.

The participant will give organizers their consent to the publication of the output of the Work, its modification, the processing of the works in a different way, the connection with other works, the inclusion of the works in a package, as well as for organizers to present the work (either separately or as part of another piece of software or other work) to the public under their name. The participant furthermore grants permission to complete the Work.

The Participant undertakes not to make any pecuniary or non-pecuniary claims or other similar claims related to the Work against organizers.

The provisions of this Article shall apply mutatis mutandis to Works of which the Participant is a co-author.

Simplified copyright explanation: Copyright rights to a work created within UniHack will remain with its author or co-authors. The author or co-authors may have unlimited access to the Work, but organizers will also have the right to use the Work for their own purposes, without prejudice to the right of the author or co-authors to make further use of the work.

  1. Inventions and utility models

In the event that

(i) an invention within the meaning of Act No 527/1990 Coll. on Inventions and Improvement Proposals (hereinafter referred to as the Patent Act) is created within UniHack, or

(ii) a utility model within the meaning of Act No 478/1992 Coll. on Utility Patterns,

the right to a patent or utility model remains with the originator or organizers, and it is up to organizers to decide whether and what steps to take to protect these results of the UniHack competition. In the event that organizers obtain such protection, they shall grant the Participant, for the use of the patent or utility model, a non-exclusive licence for the period of economic utility of the relevant invention or utility model, with the possibility of sub-licensing and assignment of the licence. In the event that neither organizers decides to take any steps to protect the results in question, they shall inform the Participant without undue delay and, in the case of a Participant's interest in protecting those results, provide the assistance necessary to obtain it. In case a Participant obtains protection, organizers grant a Licence to the extent specified above.

Principles for project selection and assessment

  1. Each team is required to present the results of their work in a format specified by the organizers no later than the first day of the hackathon in the hackathon workspace on Slack or otherwise.
  2. The panel members will assess and rate the different projects in terms of:

Within these criteria, the judging panel will vote on the best ideas. The ranking system may be modified by the organizer when required by circumstance provided that participants are notified.

  1. The winning team in the category-track will receive a reward worth at least CZK 10,000 and the best idea of all categories will then be rewarded with a further CZK 10,000. The organizer shall publish the exact form of the reward during the contest. The organizer reserves the right to adjust or add prizes during the event.
  2. The competition organizer reserves the right to make a final decision in contentious cases that may arise in connection with competitions organized under these rules. Contestants are required to respect such a decision.
  3. Organizers are entitled to change UniHack's terms and conditions at any time, including during its course, and to change its duration, i.e. in particular to suspend or terminate the competition early during its course. These facts are required to be published by the organizer of the contest on the website or in the workspace of the ideathon on Slack.
  4. The contestants have no legal claim to the prize of the contest. Wins cannot be enforced through legal proceedings. Contestants may not request an exchange of winnings for winnings or receive any benefits from organizers other than those specified in these Rules.
  5. The contestant must create the original work, a hack, during the ideathon. In the presentation of their solution, they must indicate whether and what previous results of their own work or that of third parties have been used.

General conditions

  1. The competition organizer is not responsible for any hardware or software failure or technical problems of any kind that could jeopardise or delay inclusion in the competition.
  2. By participating in the contest, the Participant agrees that organizers, as Administrators, will process personal data provided under UniHack to the following extent: name, phone, email. Administrators shall process such personal data for the following purposes: (i) the evaluation and publication of the images of the winners of the contest and the execution of the results of the contest in the promotional material and on the website, (ii) the sending of job or commercial offers, (iii) the protection of the rights of the administrators. The Participant has a right of access to such data and also has other rights conferred on it by Section 21 of Act No 101/2000 Coll. The provision of data is voluntary. The participant is entitled to withdraw their consent in writing at any time, but thereby loses the ability to continue in UniHack, or loses the right to win. The personal data of the subscribers shall be kept only for as long as is strictly necessary for the exercise of the rights and obligations arising from the legal relations between the subscribers and the Administrators, or until the withdrawal of the subscriber's consent implies an obligation for the Administrator to delete personal data. Upon expiry of this period, the personal data of the participants shall be deleted by the Administrators.
  3. UniHack reserves the right to exclude from UniHack a contestant who does not meet the conditions to participate in the contest, who violates the rules established for the contest, or who is found to be circumventing or attempting to circumvent the UniHack rules established by this document. The organizer has the right to cancel and/or interrupt, or change, the conditions of participation or evaluation at any time without compensation. The award of bonuses is entirely at the discretion of the organizer and the organizer has the right not to award bonuses where there are compelling reasons.
  4. Wins are subject to taxation in accordance with Act No 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes as amended (č. 586/1992 Sb.).
  5. These rules were created in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and are binding on both parties.