Monique Kwakman

Women’s Meetup

Monique Kwakman is an energetic freelance consultant, specialised in positive psychology, happiness and personal development. She has a background in psychology and human movement sciences. She works mostly with young professionals by helping them develop their ‘soft skills’ and personal leadership in her workshops. She’s very curious about Effective Altruism, learning every day more about doing good better, and looking forward to meet you all at the event in June.

In this interactive session for women (sorry guys) we will focus on getting to know each other better, more in specific the areas/causes that everybody is working on. Or if you want to know more about a specific area, you will find out of any of your EA colleagues could help you further with that.

Main goal of this session is ask others to help you with the problems you are working on, ask for advice or give advice and share ideas for future plans.