6-2-5.  The day the North Koreans stormed across the DMZ in 1950.  Three years before the Armistice ended the hostilities but not the Korean War.  Years of bombing and artillery left both sides with few standing building.

Maybe Trump and Kim can finally come up with a peace treaty.  I doubt the Congress will go along.  We need to remove ourselves from trying to dominate Asia.  I lived in Korea for 7 years, 2.5 working at the Embassy.  I speak the language.  I still don’t know what the two sides will do.

Today begins my 100 Day Gong where no TV is in the picture.  I will free up about 5 hours a day I formerly used for watching recorded shows.  At least I won’t have to listen to idiots mispronounce the name of the NK capital city of Pyongyang.  It’s not hard to pronounce, so I don’t know why they don’t say it correctly.

100 days without television will turn out to be the hardest thing I have done since I lived in Mukho, South Korea (now Donghae City) during my first year of Peace Corps.  Mukho, sometimes written Mugho, was a dirty port city famous for 1,000 squid boats.

If you can imagine hillsides covered in clothesline which hung drying squid instead of garments, you might be able to understand the smell.  Add coal dust from ships being loaded, and you get a dirty smell.

I’m sure it’s a hundred times cleaner today.  The government long ago combined a couple of towns to create the new city.  The mountains go right up to the beach in the East Sea (Sea of Japan).

One thing they have now is ferry service between Russia, Korea, and Japan which started in 2008.  That would have been amazing in 1975.  The DBS Ferry currently transits between Donghae, Sakaiminato, Tottori and Vladivostok.

Enough about Korea.  It has been a part of my life for over 40 years, and I have a love of spicy food and an ex-wife to prove it.

~ Chaz