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FNU Diversity PRIDE Attends AANP 2017

The 32nd annual American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) conference and exhibit was held in Philadelphia PA, on June 20-25, 2017 with thousands of attendees from all over the country. Frontier Nursing University students, Rachel Lien and Stefanie Anderson, represented FNU and the diversity program as winners of the annual Student Ambassador essay contest hosted by FNU’s Diversity PRIDE Program. The essay contest is an initiative aimed at fostering student-leadership retention, professional networking and continued nursing education. The overall conference goal of AANP encouraged opportunity for FNU students to enhance their skills, and also experience the clinical side of providing innovative care to patients.

FNU PRIDE attends AANP 2017

The AANP national conference offered the latest in continuing education to empower nurse practitioners to advance quality health care through advocacy, education, research and nurse-leadership.

Workshops included discussions on national and state  legislative regulations, medicine and healthcare technology, evidence-based practices, and interprofessional perspectives in acute care areas such as pediatric,family, emergency department, gerontology, integrative medicine, men’s health, occupational health, pain management, pharmacology,mental health,military and women’s health. FNU PRIDE student Stefanie Anderson reflects on the sessions, “AANP is doing such wonderful things for our profession...it’s advancing in so many ways.”

Discussions also included a keynote address from Dr. Kent Brantly, as he spoke on his experiences from being a provider to being a patient, and shared his story of being diagnosed with Ebola while serving at ELWA Hospital in Liberia in 2014. Dr. Kent was the first Ebola patient to be treated in the United States at Emory University Hospital, and was also the first person in the world to be treated with the experimental drug ZMapp.

L/R- Stefanie Anderson & Rachel Lien, Diversity PRIDE Essay Contest winners

FNU PRIDE student, Rachel Lien expresses her respect for Dr. Kent’s courage, “ He was dedicated to serving the world’s forgotten, he encouraged us to be vulnerable, to suffer with our patients and communities, and to collaborate with others.”  

One highlight of the conference was Dr. Loretta Ford’s speech, as she spoke on the progress nurse practitioners have made. Many attendees had the opportunity to meet her and learn that she is one of the founders of the first nurse practitioner program. During the conference, Dr. Ford participated in signing the AANP Declaration of Patient Choice at the conference.

FNU PRIDE student Stefanie Anderson shares her admiration for Dr. Ford, “It was so inspirational to see one of the pioneers of our profession talk about how nurse practitioners are revolutionizing healthcare!”.


FNU students selected as Conference Assistants at AANP 2017

Capt. James L. Dickens,U.S. Department of HHS/ Office of Minority Health

Frontier Nursing University received a high volume of interest from attendees at the exhibiting booth. This year, AANP had a record high number of FNU students that were selected to volunteer as Conference Assistants at the annual conference. A total of 18 FNU students were selected from AANP’s conference management committee.

Another highlight at the conference was the FNU reception that brought together FNU faculty, staff, alumni, preceptors, and guests. During the reception Capt. James L. Dickens (pictured left), from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/ Office of Minority Health, offered words of support and congratulated FNU on being awarded the Nursing Workforce Diversity grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

The networking opportunities at AANP’s annual conference continue to serve as a platform to increase FNU’s visibility and Diversity Initiative collaborations with the organization. PRIDE Student Ambassadors expressed how attending AANP enriched their education experience at Frontier. PRIDE student Rachel Lien concludes, “I recommend that everyone join AANP, and attend the conference next year. I learned that as nurse practitioners, we need to be united with our minds, with our wallets, and with our voices...it was an inspiring conference and I’m grateful for the opportunities to learn, network and be inspired.”

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Contributor, Wilvena McDowell-Bernard, FNU Diversity PRIDE Program Coordinator/Student Services  7/12/2017

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