Piano Group Schedule 2017/2018

Week 1                                                                         Week 2

 Group A:   4:00-5:00  (Charlotte)                                 Group D:   4:00-5:00  (Sharon)

 Group B:   5:00-6:00  (Charlotte)                          Group E:   5:00-6:00  (Sharon)

 Group C:   6:00-7:00  (Charlotte)                                Group F:    6:00-7:00  (Sharon)

*Group G:  7:00-8:30  (Charlotte & Sharon)       *Group G:   7:00-8:30  (Sharon & Charlotte)                                                

 *(GROUP ‘G’ STUDENTS: REFER TO ATTACHED SHEET FOR YOUR DATES)                                                                                                                                                                                      

Week 1 Dates                                                                        Week 2 Dates

Sept. 28                                                                                   Sept. 21

Oct.  12, 26                                                                             Oct. 5, 19  

Oct. 27 (Fri.)                 HALLOWEEN PARTY                           Oct. 27 ( Fri.)        

Nov. 9, 23                                                                               Nov. 2, 16

Nov. TBD (Sun.)             ART GALLERY of BURLINGTON       Nov. TBD

Dec. No group lessons                                                             No group lesson

Dec. 15 (Fri.)                CHRISTMAS RECITAL                          Dec. 15 (Fri.)

Jan. 18                                                                                     Jan. 11, 25

Feb.  1, 15                                                                                Feb. 22                                                                      

Mar. No Group Lessons                                                          Mar. No Group Lessons

Apr. 5, 19                                                                                 Apr. 12, 26

May 25 (Fri.)                FINAL SPRING RECITAL                       May 25 (Fri.)

Solo Friday Recital Dates:  7:00pm, Sanctuary in NBBC

Fri. Nov. 17

Fri. Feb. 23

Fri. Apr. 6

Fri. May 4

HALLOWEEN PARTY:  Fellowship Hall in NBBC

Friday, Oct.27

6:00pm – 8:00pm

(Please arrive 15 min early) (strings, 20 min.’s early for tune-up)


5:00-6:00 or 7:00-8:00 (sign up for one, and please arrive 15 minutes early)

                   Piano Group Lesson Schedule, 2017-2018

Group A - 4 pm

Group B - 5 pm

Group C - 6 pm

Bradford I

Bethany C

Bruce Z

Calib C

Cameron G

Callum M

Kiran L

Charlotte A

Christian D

Liam G

Christian M

Emily S

Maella G

Elizabeth V

George L

Vivaan K

Leah B

Katy S

Weston D  

Liam C

Maddie H

Zach M

Maddy A

Rajan T

Jesse Z

Siraj B  




        Group D - 4 pm

            Group E - 5 pm

            Group F - 6 pm

Alex B

Andy W

Abigail C

Amaan W

Christian X

Allison G

Asmat B

Daniel P

Carleigh N

Claire I

Ella L

Christopher Z

Eli Ll

Emily L

Hannah V

Jasmine H

Janserey H

Isabel H

Kyle P

Mika D

Jewel B

Riddhi K

Rogan M

Lysandra C

Thomas M

Rowan P

Rebecca H

Senna C

Siraj B



Basic Rudiments 7 pm

Intermediate Rudiments

Advanced Rudiments

Aaron L

Abby M

Aaron K

Ben H

Alexa K

Jamie B

Ben Z

Brayden C

Kenna S

Cormick S

Elyse T

Ellena P

Erin S

Hellen P

Jordon Z

Holly C

Luke H

Matthew C

Sophia C

Owen S

Tarynn S


Riley K

Vivyen M


Teague C




Group G Dates (Charlotte & Sharon)

September        NO LESSONS

October           5, 26

November           9, 16

December          NO LESSONS

January         11, 25

February          1, 22

March           NO LESSONS

April                 5, 26

**Any students wanting more assistance before the exam will have to make special arrangements with their teacher.  There will be an additional cost for extra lessons needed.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR EXAMS:           Nov. 1, 2017          EXAM:  Dec. 8, 9, 2017

        Mar. 6, 2018          EXAM:  May 11, 12, 2018

                                                                            June 5, 2018          EXAM:  Aug. 10, 11, 2018