“Roughing it has never been so scary and fun”


"Campout Terror"  is for all; Family, Friends, and Groups. It doesn't matter if you are a Pansy...a Scaredy-Cat...Scared of the Dark...Scared of your own shadow...or just plain scared of all the darkness that lurks at WOMPUS WOODS...this is still for you!


Wompus Woods "Campout Terror" will take place Friday September 14, 2018 with an overflow night on Saturday September 15th, if needed. There's only room for so many, so get there early. Come before the ball games to get your tents set up and return afterwards.


Bring Your Own tents, sleeping bags and FRIENDS! Mosquito Spray may be a good idea as well.



Gates open at 3 pm for early tent set-ups. 1st come 1st choice of spots. Bring Chairs, blankets, whatever to sit on.  Bring Marshmallows or wieners to roast and your own sticks to hold them with.

A BIG Bonfire that will be lit at 9:30 pm. Other activities start at 10 pm.

Tractor Rides to show the area of No-Return and of Off Limits.

Games of Tug-A-War and Hide-And-Seek vs the Wompus Woods monsters

We will be playing a Horror Movie!!

Zombie dress up contest! Come as Zombies if You like, Zombie Dress-ups will be Judged through a Walk-thru and awarded prizes for the top 3 males and females.

 The Night will be divided into different activities according to the Scare level you desire:

1.) Area "A" will be for NO Scare Pansies: No Going into or camping in the Woods for this Group. You will camp out under the Open Skies with your Tents set up under the Night Sky, in the grass and within sight of the Bonfire.  You can View the Scary Woods as No Creatures or Monsters, wild animals or Zombies will be in this area. You will be under the Lowlights of the Parking Lot. Supervisors and Security will be around this area. No Special Clothing for this area. No Camping or going into the "B" or "C" area with this Group. Cost ( $25. each )


2.) Area "B" will be for Half-scare Yellow-Bellies:. You will Set your Tents up the Area marked for "B", a Little over Scaredy-Cats, or in the "A", an area with Family or friends. You will venture into the Dark Woods and down just so Far as Marked... Some Scary Activity will be seen, Heard and Maybe even Felt in this area. Appropriate Clothing will be required in this part. Hide and Seek with the Monsters will be started in this area and All Games and Bonfire is allowed with this Group as in Area. "A".  No Venturing or Camping in the "C" Area. (Cost, $35 each.)


3.) Area "C" will be for the Green All Go, All Out, Unlimited Scares and Full Access to the Woods: You will be allowed  to the Bottom with Anything and everything Legally allowed. You will have the same access to any camping area as  "A" or "B" Groups and the Works in case You can't handle the  Pressure. You will get to tour the woods on the Tractor Trail before the Terrible Hour of "MIDNIGHT in the WOODS, strikes."This is for the Ones Who Really MUST Sign a Waiver. The Bottom of the Trail is the Limit. All types of Scares and Creatures are in this Loaded Part. You will be able to walk, with a tour Guide, thru the Dark Klown Kave ( Clown Cave for you uneducated Campers) and see how the Woods really look at Night, so to see your Boundaries and then, "All Lights Out so don't get Lost", as You Hide from being Hacked up or Torn and Chewed to pieces as the Hide-and-Seek Begins... More games are planned and You even get Your Chance to Hunt the Creatures. Only Thing, when You find a Creature, they MAY get upset and may attack in Groups so be careful which ones you find as the Friendly ones are NOT marked. "Your Hunt, Your  Chance of Living to Tell"...


Games will conclude at 3:00 am and you will have time to feed your hunger, quench your thirst, and meet some of the Wompus Woods creatures for pictures and laughs up top and near the Bonfire


4:00 am, all Lights out and Bedtime for everyone. Trust Us, We make the Creatures Go to Bed also.


Check-out Time the Next Day by Noon.



Choice of 3 Group Areas and activities:

1. $25.00 for the Pansies.               This will be a No Scare Zone

2. $35.00 for the Yellow-Bellies.    This will be low-level Scare Zone

3. $45.00 for the Green-Lights.      This will be the All-Go, All-Out, Anything Goes Scare Zone
**Family Special** $60.00 for any family of 4. $10 per child for each additional child up to 6 children 
Family Special is limited to 2 Adults and up to 6 Kids UNDER 14yrs of age. This package comes   with 2  Yellow-Bellies OR Green-Light passes. The rest will be No Scare Zone passes.
"Family Special" Groups must set up their tent in the No Scare Zone with the other Pansies.


You can Up-Grade at any time to a higher level, but you cannot downgrade your ticket.  Once you purchase your ticket, your scare level is locked In.



EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED to sign a notarized WAIVER, upon entrance.

Absolutely NO SMOKING
 OR FIRES in the WOODS. Smoking will be allowed in designated spaces out in the parking lot only.

Unload camping gear at the camping area, then park vehicle in the parking area.  No Vehicles to be parked in Camping Areas. No staying in vehicles during the night. Once parked, no leaving in vehicles and returning. If You forgot something, You must wait till camp is over. You can unload at the camping area,  then park vehicle. Safety is everyone's concern.


String instruments will be allowed but no electricity available for any amps. Acoustic String instruments and sing-alongs are encouraged and enjoyed. Again, Wompus Woods is not responsible for damaged/lost/stolen instruments.


No flashlights or strong lights will be allowed. However, cell phone lights can be used for short periods of time.


Do no come dressed as a monster or creature but Zombies is allowed (more info under Events).

***Small Kids under 12yrs old, can dress in any outfit they want.


No Kids under 12 are to be left unsupervised.



Violators of rules may be asked to Leave, at Owners discretion, with NO REFUNDS.



Facilities, Amenities and Parking Info

Several Porta-Johns will be provided for your convenience

Free Parking!  Wompus Woods is NOT RESPONSIBLE for parked cars, or personal items left in them, camping equipment, or cell phones/electronics.

Drinks and pre-packaged snacks will be offered during the night at our Canteen. You can bring small Coolers for Ice and comfort but NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the property by Order of State Law. OBEY ALL LAWS.

Grill Area If you want to have a Grill, we will offer a grill area up to 10 pm. Then, no more hot grills or flames for everyone's protection.

Medical treatment will NOT be offered on premises. If you bring small kids, bring Band-aids too. Large Kids...learn to be Tuff. ***WARNING*** BIG CRY-BABIES WILL BE CAPTURED BY MONSTERS AND  STRAPPED TO TREES IN THE WOODS, AWAY FROM CAMPERS


We Hope everyone enjoys our very 1st CAMPOUT TERROR here at WOMPUS WOODS

Remember to come and see us for our 22nd year at Wompus Woods Haunted Trail. You can check our open dates under the HOME link at the top of WompusWoods.com


Look forward to seeing you at Wompus Woods...Where The Woods Come Alive….