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Shabbat Vayelekh Shuva ləKippur bəShalom from Beth Aharon @ the Riverdale Bayit:

October 5, 2019 | ה’ תשרי תש"ף - Issue #5780:1

Zəmanim & Services

Shabbat Shuva * Parashat Vayelekh

5 October 2019 * 6 Tishre 5779

Candle Lighting - 6:15pm

Minḥa/Kabbalat-Shabbat /Arvit - 6:20pm

Shaḥarit - 8:30am

Drashat Təshuva by Rav Dov Lerea - 10:45am * Kiddush - 12:30pm

Zohar - 5:25pm * Minḥa - 5:30pm

Shabbat Shuva Derasha - Rav Aharon Exler (Main Sanctuary) - 6:00pm

Arvit - 7:11pm

Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala - 7:16pm


Yom Kippur 5780 Schedule inside

as well as The week’s schedule :)

Picture of the Week

In the Beginning

Congregation Beth Aharon asks Seliḥa from all …

and forgives all.

Seliḥa – Forgiveness - סליחה

We wish all Members & Friends:

 atima Tova -  חתימה טובה

This Shabbat & Beyond

Təfilat ‘Erev Shabbat: 6:20pm Shaḥarit: 8:30am ● First Kadish: 8:55am

Shəma‘ Yisrael: 9:15am - all kids participate! ● Youth Groups: See the Bayit Bulletin for all programs ● Teen Tefila - it can happen with you, teen, or not!

Parasha: 9:45am ● Yimlokh: 10:40am - All kids are welcome to join!

Dvar Torah: 10:45am Drashat Təshuva by Rav Dov Lerea

Kiddush: 11:25am - Potluck kiddush this Shabbat. All foods must be store-sealed marked process.

After Kiddush: Free talk about the Democratic candidates to the 2020 Elections; who will have a better chance, and why did Jonah try to escape. Led by U.


Learning Service: 9:45am-10:45am, with Maharat student Livya Tinestit at the 2FL.

High Holidays Liturgy Review Workshop & Parasha Limud: 4:15pm - liturgy and melody of the most familiar seliot and piyutim of the High Holidays Maharat student Livya Tinestit at ML.

 ● Daf baTalmud: 4:45pm. Daf Yomi on 3FL. Me’ila.

Shabbat Shuva Derasha - 6:00pm. Rav Aharon Exler (Main Sanctuary) ***

Azkara to Celine bat Miriam z”l; FarokhLagha bat Mazal & Hillel; Michal bat Lea.  

Rəfuaa Shəlema to ‘Am Yisrael wounded bodies & souls and the sick: Reuven ben Aliza, Menachem ben Yehudit, Yig’al ben Sulika, Rubin ben Abraham López & Ela, Adi ben Talia, Amir ben Malka, Naftali ben Esther, Israel Gandelman Chachamovitz, Daniela Ester bat Mona, Yonit bat Yehudit, Michal Haya bat Tamar, Binyamin ben Devorah Sanders.

Many Thanks to all Beth Aharon Members & Friends for supporting us throughout the ending Jewish Year 5779, with membership, pledges, kiddushim and most importantly with your presence in tefilot and events.

Kol Hakavod to to the BA 21st Birthday Committee on working hard to make sure it is a great success. Contact Roberta, Talia R., Shoshana, Sandra,Tali M., Myriam E., Akiva S., Malca Z., and Ami to share thoughts and ideas and also to offer help.

Happy Birthday to Carole Oshinsky, and... YOU!

 Yom Kippur 5780 @ Beth Aharon. Details inside.More news on the back.

From the Rabbis and More…

Rav Ovadia Yosef z”l ovadia.jpg

דין ישיבה בסוכה

מצות הישיבה בסוכה

נאמר בתורתנו הקדושה (ויקרא כג.) "בסכת תשבו שבעת ימים כל האזרח בישראל ישבו בסכת, למען ידעו דורותיכם כי בסכת הושבתי את בני ישראל בהוציאי אותם מארץ מצרים", ולכן נצטווינו לישב בסוכה שבעת ימים.

ובגמרא במסכת סוכה (יא:) ופירשו רבותינו, שאותם הסוכות שישבו בתוכם בני ישראל, אלו ענני הכבוד, שהקיפם הקדוש ברוך הוא כדי שלא תכה אותם השמש.

ומובא במדרש, "וענן ה' עליהם יומם", שבעה עננים היו, ארבע מארבע רוחות העולם (כלומר מצד צפון דרום מזרח ומערב), וענן אחד מלמעלה, ואחד מלמטה, וענן אחד מלפניהם, והיה מנמיך לפניהם ההרים, ומגביה לפניהם הבקעות, והורג את הנחשים והעקרבים, מנקה ומסדר את הדרך לפניהם.

הטעם שחג הסוכות הוא בתשרי

כתב רבינו הטור, הטעם שנצטוינו לעשות סוכה בחודש תשרי, ולא בזמן יציאתנו ממצרים בחג הפסח, לפי שחודש ניסן הוא בתחילת הקיץ, ואז הדרך היא לעשות סככה לצל, ולא הייתה ניכרת עשיית הסוכה שהיא לפי מצות הבורא יתברך, ולכן ציונו השם יתברך לעשות הסוכות בחודש תשרי, שהוא תחילת החורף, שהוא זמן הקור והגשמים, ודרך כל אדם להיכנס ולשבת בביתו, ואילו אנחנו יוצאים מן הבית לישב בסוכה, ובזה יראה לכל שאנו עושים כן בשביל מצות המלך שצוונו עלינו לעשותה.

מתי יש לבנות את הסוכה?

זריזים מקדימים למצוות, לפיכך נכון להזדרז תיכף למחרת יום הכיפורים לעסוק בעשיית הסוכה, ומצוה לעשות הסוכה בעצמו ולא על ידי שליח, ואם אינו יכול לעשות בעצמו, ישתדל על כל פנים להניח בעצמו את הסכך על גבי הסוכה, ואם אינו יכול גם לסכך בעצמו, יעשה הכל על ידי אדם אחר, ויאמר לו "שלוחי אתה לעשות סוכה". ועיקר עשיית הסוכה הוא הנחת הסכך על גבי הדפנות, שבזה באה הסוכה לידי הכשר.

 ההנהגה בסוכה

יש להשתדל ולהרבות בתוך הסוכה בדברי תורה, ושירות ותשבחות להשם יתברך.

A Story - Of Səliḥa

So many Different People … so many Different Səliḥot:

There are people whose Səliḥa is whispered and can hardly be heard.

There are people whose Səliḥa is a game of words.

There are people whose Səliḥa is always in planning.

There are people whose Səliḥa in captured within them, forever.

There are people whose Səliḥa is not meant for other people’s ear.

There are people whose Səliḥa is said quietly, so it will not be heard.

There are people who don’t mean it when they say “Səliḥa.”

There are people who say Səliḥa so many times, that we don’t know when do they really mean it.

There are people who will never ask Səliḥa without hearing one back.

There are people who don’t have Səliḥa letters: ס-ל-י-ח-ה.

There are people whose Səliḥa in never understood.

There are people who only one Səliḥa separates between them.

There are people who only one Səliḥa connects them.

… because one Səliḥa can connect and unite and create new beginnings.

... and there are people who can’t even think about asking for Səliḥa.

We therefore ask Səliḥa for them, which is in a away also asking for us.

 - סְלִיחָה -

The Weekly Riddle

How many books are in the Bible? Can you name them?

(Guess before you take a peek. The answer is on the back page.)

What are blessing and when?

Before Rosh Hashana: “K’tiva Vahatima Tova”

Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur: “Hatima Tova”

After Yom Kippur: “G’mar Hatima Tova”


In general: “Shana Tova” and we can add “UMetuka”

Tishre - תִּשְׁרִי‎

Italy, 16th century

Rega’ shel Ivrit - רגע של עברית

“Charisma” is generally understood as an "attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others." It is a gift given to some people, most of whom use it positively while others not so.

In Hebrew we say "karizma - כָּרִיזְמָה," but the Academy of the Hebrew language suggests the nice word "kisma - קִסְמָה."

We wish you all a happy New Jewish Year with a lot of kisma and a smile :) 

The First Step

The first step in atonement is acknowledging that you’ve done something for which you should atone... and this is the easy step.

In the Good News

- Israel’s population is 9.1 million and growing. The Jewish birth rate is over 3 births per family and rising. Aliya to Israel is on the rise too. At the outset of the decade about 20,000 Olim came to Israel every year. This year the number will near 40,000. The vast majority of which are staying! Israel’s GDP per capita is over $40,000 and is expected to reach $50,000 within the next decade. And despite frequent elections, Israelis are still of the world’s happiest nations. Shnat Tsmia v’Aliya Tova!

On the Parasha & Beyond…

Parasha – Vayelekh: Dəvarim (Deuteronomy) 31:1-30

Historical Context: Creation Time: 2487 (1437 bce). After 40-year desert journey Bnei Israel encamped in the plains of Moav, awaiting the entry to the Holy Land.

Parashort:  Vayelekh ("And He Went") recounts the events on Moshe’s (Moses) last day of earthly life. "I am one hundred and twenty years old today," he says to the people, "and I can no longer go forth and come in." He transfers the leadership to Yehoshua (Joshua), and writes (or concludes writing) the Torah in a scroll which he entrusts to the Levites for safekeeping in the Ark of the Covenant. (

Haftara -The Haftara is read from three of the twelve short books in Tre Asar (The Twelve Prophets): Hoshea (Hosea) 14:2-10; Yoel (Joel) 2:11-27; Mikha (Mikah) 7:18-20.

Haftit: A call for repentance is heard from 3 prophets... and Hashem is forgiving of Bnei Yisroel’s sins, for He is kind, and merciful. May the promises he made to our forefathers be fulfilled.

 Connection to the Parasha: The ten days starting with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur are called The Ten Days of repentance. The Shabbat that falls in between the two is called Shabbat Shuva or the Sabbath of “returning” to Hashem. Once again the Haftorah is not connected to the Parsha, but it is connected to the time of year it is read. (Haftorahman)

Biblical Quiz

Kids: How old was Moses when he spoke to the people in this week’s parashah? 

Teenagers: What did God say would be the reason that the people would turn to other gods? 

Adults: Moses said that he would not cross the Jordan. Whom did he say would cross first and whom second?

Speechless in the Parasha

The parasha starts with the words “Vayelekh Moshe...- and Moshe went...” - Where was Moshe and where did he go?

Rav Question – שאלת רב

Was there ever a Yom Kippur Sheni shel Galuyot? Why was it stopped? Could it ever be applied for Sukkot?

Jewish World  - the Prophet Yonah

Yonah (Jonah) son of Amitai appears in 2 Kings as a prophet from Gath-Hepher (next to Nazareth).

He was active during the reign of Yerov’am (Jeroboam) II (c.786-746 BC), and predicted that Yerov’am will recover certain lost territories. Yonah is also the central character in the Book of Jonah.

Ordered by God to go to the city of Nineveh to prophesize against it, and ended up under a kikayon - a ricinus plant. (wiki).

Yom Kippur Schedule 5780 / 2019

For Seats: CongregationBethAharon

Sunday - October 6: Seliḥot & Shaḥarit - 7:45am * Minḥa & Arvit - 6:15pm

 Monday - October 7: Seliḥot & Shaḥarit - 6:00am * Minḥa & Arvit - 6:15pm


Erev Yom Kippur - Tuesday, October 8

Seliḥot/Shaḥarit/Hatarat Nedarim - 5:45am

Minḥa and Blessing of Children - 3:10pm

Candle Lighting - 6:09pm

Fast begins  - 6:09pm

Kol Nidre - 6:15pm

Shki’a - 6:27pm

Yom Kippur - Wednesday, October 9

Shaḥarit - 7:30am

Azkara - 10:00am

Drasha - 10:45am - Rav Steven Exler

Musaf - 11:30am

Minḥa - 3:25pm

Divre Mousar - 5:15pm - Rav Tomer Ronen

Ne’ila followed by Arvit - 5:25pm

Fast Ends - 7:10pm

Havdala/Break-Fast - 7:15pm - is sponsored by the Sigal-Molinas Family - In memory of Sandra Molinas' parents (Grandparents to Sophia Elazar and Max) - Mordechai ben Rosa z"l and Devorah Gittel bat Leah z"l.

Birkat Haləvana


Thursday: October 10, Shaḥarit: 6:40, 8:00am * Minḥa/Arvit: 6:15pm

Friday: October 11, Shaḥarit: 6:40, 8:00am

A Moment of BAN

“Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted!”

(credit to Danny Chemaides)

Time to Smile  

“Should we all confess our sins to one another we would all laugh at one another for our lack of originality.” - Kahlil Gibran


After the Rabbi’s Yom Kippur sermon on the congregation’s various sins, Moshe said: “Well, at least I haven't made any graven images.”


“It ain't no sin if you crack a few laws now and then, just so long as you don't break any.” - Mae West

Riddle Solved

İn the Tanakh there are 24 or 39 – depending on the way you are counting (with the parenthesis is 39):

Torah: Bereshit, Shmot, Vayiqra, Bəmidbar, Dəvarim;

Neviem: Yehoshuwa’, Shoftim, Shmuel (1+2), Məlakhim (1-2),

Yesha’yahu, Yirmiyahu, Yeḥezkel, Tre-’Asar (Hosheya’, Yoel, ‘Amos, ‘Ovadia, Yona, Mikha, Naḥum, Ḥavakuk, Tsəphania, Ḥagai, Zəkharya, Mal’akhi);

Kətuvim: Tehilim, Mishle, Iyov, Shir Hashirim, Ruth, Eikha, Qohelet, Ester, Daniel, ‘Ezra (and Neḥemia), Divre-Haymim (1+2).

Community Board

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BA potluck season is here and we could use some light eats for Se’uda Shelishit. Please help as your heart may provide.


Beth Aharon is starting a Hospitality Committee to match guests to Riverdale and members looking for Shabbat meals with hosts in our community. In addition, we want to ensure that anyone in our congregation who requires Bikkur olim or life cycle meals is serviced by our community. If you are interested to join the Hospitality Committee, please notify Ami or Tsuri.  


Community Security Service (CSS) Thank you to all our CSS volunteers. The more volunteers we have, the fewer times each year any one person has to serve. Ready to sign up for the next training course? Questions? Please contact Tzvi Bar-Shai at


City Harvest Holiday Food Drive - until October 11th more than 500,000 Jewish New Yorkers live below or only slightly above the poverty line. The Bayit is teaming up with City Harvest to feed our neighbors in need during the High Holidays. Visit for a list of needed items.


Beth Aharon Traditional Sukkot Luncheon 5780 will take place b”H on Sukkot Yom Tov 1, October 14 - Tishre 15, after tefila, around 12:30pm. RSVP only. Evite will be to be sent after Rosh Hashana.


 Registration for the Bayit High Holiday Childcare is now open. Register your children ages 3-9 at


Beth Aharon 21st Anniversary Dinner: There was Congregation Beth Aharon 20th Anniversary amazing celebrative Dinner... Next is Beth Aharon 21st Anniversary Dinner, to be celebrated with love & joy at Bayit on Sunday November 24, 2019 @ 5:00pm. Save the date and stay tuned for details. Sephardim ze Simha :)

Congregation Beth Aharon is Riverdale’s Sephardic Orthodox Congregation, located at the Riverdale Bayit (HIR) Bronx, NY. We welcome all worshipers regardless of eda or level of observance. Our congregants take an active-leading role in Tefila and Kria’at haTorah.





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RIVERDALE: 718.796.2034

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Beth Aharon AḤUZA Membership Campaign: 5780 - תש”ף

In tribute to BA’s upcoming 21 Year Anniversary (Gematria: AḤUZA=possession/holding-unto=אֲחֻזָּה), we are encouraging the community to join our 5780 Membership Campaign. Each person in our congregation brings with them a unique and special legacy of Jewish history that collectively makes us a diverse and multicultural community.  Beth Aharon is our Ahuza - possession of the past, and we are ne'ehazim, holding unto it, to build the future for our children. Demonstrate your communal spirit and support us by becoming a member. This year we are looking to raise funds for a new Aron Kodesh.  This follows last year’s successful campaign acquiring comfortable blue chairs for everyone. Your presence and membership greatly enhances our Beit Knesset and b’Ezrat Hashem our Tefillot. Shana Tova.

Sukkot Luncheon @ Beth Aharon

Join Beth Aharon for Sukkot Luncheon @ the Bayit's Sukka on

Sukkot Day 1 - Monday, October 14 - after tefila - approx. 12pm.

Enjoy Community Time and Good Eats!

Adults (13 and up) - $26:

Kids (4-12) - $15

Only with Evite RSVP by Thursday, October 10. 

Check your email for Evite!


Payment details at: - Mo'adim L'Simha!

Biblical Quiz - Answers

Kids: Moses was 120 years old. (31:2)

 Teenagers: After coming into the land flowing with milk and honey, the people would eat their fill, wax fat, and in their umbrage they would forget where it all came from. (31:20) * Adults: Moses states that God would cross first and Joshua second. (31:3)