Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 04/18/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Coolidge Room


I. Call to Order-MP standing in for JB, called to order @ 6:46pm

        A. Roll Call-Joann Wilson, Suzy Buckley, Heather Tucker, Melissa Perrino,


        B. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-Motion by SB, 2nd by JW.  Passed


II. Approval of Minutes

        A. 04/11/2019-JW noted testing initials were wrong; corrected to proper initials.

        Motion by SB, 2nd by JW.

III. Business

        A. Updates

                1. Posters/Flyers Display Update via JW-Waiting to hear back on order for

                posters & flyers thru marketer.  Does have other display items received

                from Staples; includes students’ interests chart, suggestion box, contact

                sheet, etc.  Also ordered a number of swag items (pens, pencils, bags). As

for set up, tables will be provided; we can bring a small side table as well,

though.  School Fair will be in the new gym in LES.  “Letter to Parents” is still in draft form; informative content is what will be on the posters/flyers.  Brewfest & Cookster to display for sure.  Suggestion for further down the line to include benefits of an independent school.  Distribution of letter: prepare prior so that students can receive in person to bring home to parents.  At least 2 members present at table during fair.

2. Alumni Contact & Castleton Update via PP-Tabled, PP away.

3. Special Education Funding Update via CH-Tabled, CH away.

4. Athletics Updates via MP-Began gathering contacts for a sub-committee for athletics, google doc created.  Goal is to rally support & collaboration with local resources.  Reviewed athletics that are available via the Vermont Principals Association, all of which we can/should/will offer.  Also includes lots of intramural organizations.  Also potential to collaborate locally for sports, ie: Tennis, spring sport (& there are courts at Okemo as well).  Furthermore, ice hockey has come up as a possibility (support from Vail-Okemo to utilize rink at Jackson Gore).  Other possibilities: Baseball/softball, Basketball, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, XC Skiing, Snowshoeing, and XC & Track. Between intramural, rec, & school teams there are plenty of avenues to be able to offer opportunities.  

        *Follow Up-For Basketball, HS size gym is in the LES; need to

        reach out & research how to request use.

MP also caught up with OMS, possibility of tracking into OMS schedule for Skiing & Snowboarding training and BRA offering the educational piece for those students; Scholarships are also available. *Note-It IS a competitive mindset for training and competing.  However, still a lot of inquiries/interest if BRA will collaborate with OMS.

        *Follow Up-Further BRA/OMS collaboration

Sub-Committee Goal: Tap into these local resources & connect contacts

5. Wine & Cheese Event via MP-Event is Wednesday, May 15th 6-8pm, inviting about 25 people.  Sent out a number of invites so far.  

        7:48pm, JW taking over as stand in Chair, MP prior engagement.

6. Press Release via MS-Reviewed paragraph drafted, will submit for VT Journal to get it published in time (needs to be submitted by Friday @ noon to be published for/by the week of May 2nd).

        B. Discussion

                1. Sign Up Schedule for School Fair on Thursday, May 2nd-At least two

                members present at any given slot; SB & JB can be there anytime after

                2:30pm.  JW will partake in Fair with her son, then return to help.  MS can

                also be available.

                2. Family Forum/Event Planning-Tabled, members away.

                3. Timeframe-Visual aid for organization.  Showcase to community goals,

                as well as accomplishments.  Many big milestones need to be completed

                by certain deadlines.  

IV. Public Comment-via SB, possibly donating for an event (ie: refreshments) and also providing brochure, flyer, etc at table.

                        *Follow Up-SB to reach out on possibility

V. Suggested Items for Next Week

Student Council Update via JB

Alumni & Castleton Contact Update via PP

Special Education Funding Update via CH

Posters/Flyers Update via JW

Finalize School Fair Sign Up Schedule

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by JW @ 8:11pm