RD Journal Club at University of Maryland - Baltimore Washington Medical Center


Location: Lower Level Nutritional Services Conference Room

Date: Rotating Third Tuesday/Thursday of every month

Time: 12:00-1:00 pm

Audience: Registered Dietitians

All are welcome.  FREE to attend.

1 CEU offered per date.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Stay current with nutrition and nutrition-related research
  2. Apply current research to clinical practice in order to comply with current evidence-based practices
  3. Improve ability to critique and appraise peer-reviewed literature



August 16, 2018

Thursday – Nancy

Understanding the Etiology and Spectrum of

Idiopathic Gastroparesis

Pract Gastro, Series #22, Apr 2017


September 18, 2018

Tuesday – Susan

Moo-ove Over Cow’s Milk:

The Rise of Plant-Based Dairy

Pract Gastro, Series #171, Jan 2018


October 18, 2018

Thursday – Amanda

Take me through the history of your weight:

Using Qualitative interviews to create personalized weight trajectories to understand the development of

obesity in patients preparing for bariatric surgery Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dec. 2018


November 20, 2018

Tuesday – Elyse

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

Pract Gastro, Series #164, Jun 2017


December 20, 2018

Thursday – Christy

Pancreatogenic Type 3c Diabetes:

Underestimated, Underappreciated and Poorly Managed.

Pract Gastro, Series #163, May 2017


January 15, 2019

Tuesday – Amy

Head and Neck Cancer Tumor Seeding at the

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Site

Nutr Clin Prac, Vol 33, Num 1, Feb 2018, 73-80


February 21, 2018

Thursday – Amanda

Calorie labels on the restaurant menu:

Is the use of weight-control behaviors related to

ordering decisions?

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2018; 118 (3): 399-408


March 19, 2018

Tuesday – Susan

Amyloid: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Pract Gastro, Series #172, Feb 2018


April 18, 2018        

Thursday – Nancy

Lactic Acidosis: A Lesser Known Side Effect of Thiamine Deficiency        

Pract Gastro, Series #161, Mar 2017


May 21, 2019

Tuesday – Elyse

Food for Thought: Importance of Nutrition in Alcoholic Hepatitis

Pract Gastro, Series #173, Mar 2018


June 20, 2019

Thursday – Christy

Blenderized Feeding Options – The Sky’s the Limit

Pract Gastro, Series #176, Jun 2018


July 16, 2019        

Tuesday – Amy

Knowledge of Constituent Ingredients in Enteral Nutrition Formulas Can Make a Difference in Patient Response to Enteral Feeding

Nutr Clin Prac, Vol XX, Num X, Aug 2017, 1-9