Softball 8U, 10U, 12U, 16U

2019 Friendship Tournament June 7th-9th 

Tournament Rules

1) Pitching machines will be set at: 8U-30 mph, 10U-37 mph, 12U-44 mph, 16U-51 mph. Tournament director may adjust the speed of the machine if to slow or to fast for the tournament. 8U machine will be operated by the coach of hitting team. 10U, 12U, & 16U machine will be operated by the umpire. Each batter will be limited to 6 pitches per at bat, unless final strike is a foul ball.

2) If the ball hits the pitching machine and rolls foul before the base it is a foul ball. If it stays fair, then rolls foul after the base, then it is a fair ball.

3) 75 minute time limit will be used with the umpire and scorekeeper responsible for calling a game. No inning will start after the 75 minutes has elapsed.

4) All 8U players will play the entire game. All players will be in the batting order.

5) Games can be started with only 8 players (7 in 8U). The 9th spot will not be an out (8th in 8U).

6) 10U, 12U, and 16U each player is required to play at least 3 innings in the field, and every team member bats. Teams can field 10 players, 4 outfielders (no rover) and 6 infielders. If playing with 8 players, you must have a pitcher and catcher.

7) The 10 run rule will be in effect after the 4th inning for 8U, 10U & 12U. 16U will have 10 run rule after the 5 inning. The 5 run rule applies for the tournament at all levels.

8) Bunting is not allowed except 16U. Fake bunt/swing is not allowed. Batter will be called out.

9) Stealing or advancing on a passed ball is not allowed, except in 16U.

10) Players may not advance when the ball is thrown back to the pitcher from the catcher, except in 16U.

11) Players can’t leave the base until the ball crosses home plate at all levels.

12) Sliding is mandatory when runner and ball arrive simultaneously, except 1st base. Runner will be called out for rule violation. This is a judgment call by the umpire.

13) Strikes will be called. Intentional walking is not allowed.

14) There will be no infield fly rule. Except in 16U.

15) Bracket Play Only: International Tie-Breaker Rule will be used when game is tied at the end of regulation. Player who completed the last official at bat will be placed at second as a base runner with no outs.

16) Line-ups will be given to the opposing coaches prior to the game. Each team is required to keep its own book.

17) No infield practice before the games. Please have player’s warm-up in the outfield.

18) Player throwing of any equipment in anger will receive a team warning from the umpire. Second occurrence will result in an ejection.

19) The only reason for a player not playing in a game is either injury, or coaches disciplinary action. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to inform the league coordinator, opposing coaches, and umpire in charge prior to the game.

***Pool play Standings: 1) Win/Loss/Tie-.5W/.5L 2) Head to Head. 3) Fewest runs allowed. 4) Run differential-Max of 10 per game. 5) Coin Flip.

Have your team ready at least 45 Minutes before your scheduled start time. Games will start early without any notice.